Computer Pranks


Bug your friends with these cool Computer Pranks.

Package includes

  • 2 coding tutorials – learn how to make pranks yourself
  • the pranks – in editable format
  • the pranks again 🙂 – These are already working be careful when you open them

Available Pranks

  • Account Info – Scare your friend by "changing" his infos
  • Annoying Boxes – You know what they are 😛 now you can decide what the boxes should say
  • Deletion – Make your friend "see" that all the files in his computer are being deleted
  • Hack – Make him think he is being hacked at that moment
  • Message Boxes – Of course 😀 how could these miss ?
  • Notepad Message – One of my favorites – open notepad and a message will just write itself
  • Open Notepad – Open up your friends notepad
  • Open Calc – Open his calculator
  • Run Calc
  • Shutdown – Should I say more ? 😀
  • Virus – Self installing virus … or not ?
  • File Download – make him think that files are downloaded to his computer
  • Photoshop CS2 Keygen gone bad – Works only if Photoshop is installed
  • Open URL – open up any site you want on his computer


  • You will have the right to use my pranks, and have the right to open up a shop from what you learned or just resell them.


  • These will not harm any computer, they are just pranks. Some of them may shutdown your computer so be sure to save your work before you open them.


Download Download (2.63MB) ( 5698 downloads )

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Comments 9 Responses to “Computer Pranks”

  1. LMFAO…Great collection XD….Pure awesomeness :>

  2. hahaha.. 😀 now downloading… i hope these things will work..

  3. I just love Computer Pranks Thanks for this

    😮 it had 1k downloads? must be great then!!!!

  4. Fantastic !!
    Now I can dupe my friends !!

  5. Wow, I was stunned by a bug appeared on my screen!

  6. That bug thing is creepy. 🙂

  7. cool…

  8. when i click download it downloads as a tar format so i don’t know how to open the file

    1. open it with winrar.