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Where does the smallest rat live ?

The smallest rodent is the Savi-Spider-Mouse. It lives on the European shore of the Mediteranean Sea, especially in Italy, spending his life in holes and wall openings. It is quite cute, measuring 4 CM with the tail included, weighting no more than 3 gr. He can hide easily in a liqueur glass

Where does the dog that whistle live ?

Wild dogs that live in India can make sounds similar to a whistle. The pack hunts only in the morning and hide in their lair untill next day morning

Which is the most colourfull monkey

The mandarin-monkey, an african monkey that lives in the Ecuatorial Forest. The males are more coloured than the females. Their bright red nose is continues with blue stipes down their cheek, it’s butt colour is red and blue combined. They have a blue fur with yellow and white spots.

Who is the worst enemy of the poisonous snakes ?

The mongoose, a mammal with the size of a cat. He catches up snaked by quickly biting their heads with it’s sharp teeth.

Which animal can jump the most ?

The red cangaroo manages to jump between 12.60 and 12.80 metres.

Why are spider usefull ?

Spider devour anually ten’s of thousands tons of harmful insects, more than all mammals and birds at one place.

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