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Polar Bear Porn

Even if you’re a polar bear you do have needs, right ? But shouldn’t they know they were on camera ? 😀 It happened this morning, according to Swedish reader Madonna Arsan, who apparently has nothing else to do but to check the San Diego Zoo Polar Cam every morning looking for bears having a […]

Choosing the best host

It’s been hard for me to find the best webhosting. I think I moved my websites around on 4 or maybe 5 hosting companies until I found HostGator. You can easily choose the best hosting company that suits your needs just fine (customer support, bandwith, space and price). WebhostingGeeks offers you the chance to read […]

A Worm Can Crash Your Computer

When an IT technician looked inside a dying computer with malfunctioning processor fan, he discovered what had caused the machine to crash: A worm – not a bug or a virus – an actual 5-inch earthworm. When Mark Taylor’s computer had crashed, he had thought it was due to a worm in his computer. He […]

Social Media Marketing by IZEA

A business won’t last too long if it’s unable to sell their products or services. Everybody knows that buyers are the result of succesful advertising campaigns on TV, radio or the internet. Izea will do a great job at promoting your business on the internet. They recently did a campaign for Kmart and its results […]

Elecom MicroSD Reader

Elecom’s MicroSD USB reader takes advantage of the storage format’s miniature size to ensure that the only thing poking out of your computer is a colorful and stylish little nub. The MR-SMC03 is so small that it kind of looks more like a USB hole stopper than a media reader. To use it, you slip […]

Lenovo ThinkPads Officially Semi-Rugged Certified to Withstand Extreme Conditions

Good news if you own a ThinkPad X200, X300 or T400 or a few other Lenovo laptops: You actually got a mil-spec semi-ruggedized computer and didn’t even know it! We’ve always known that ThinkPads were surly bastards, but Lenovo submitted eight of its notebooks – ThinkPad X200, X301, X200s, X200 Tablet, T400, T500, R400 and […]

Are you planning to build something ?

In case you’re planning on building a new home for you and your family and you like getting involved in everything you do, or better doing it yourself then here are some tips on getting the stuff you need for constructions. Nothing is done without hard work but it’s best to leave the very hard […]

Stolen Windows Mobile 6.5 Prototype Phone Wiped Remotely

As is common practice with phones on corporate networks, that prototype HTC phone with Windows Mobile 6.5 on it stolen from Telstra’s CEO was remotely wiped after it was reported swiped. A Microsoft staffer confers to APC Mag that the user data and the operating system were both erased as soon as CEO Sol Trujillo […]

Conduit Mobile Phone

The Conduit by designer Tirshathah Hunter is an identical concept phone that will work as a mobile workstation, apart from being used as a regular phone. The Conduit wraps up three different devices, including a rollaway flexible display to create a PDA with stylus, a regular cellphone with camera and a slimline cellphone that breaks […]

MaceCraft PowerTools 2009

I recently installed Windows again just because I wanted to use it’s Movie Maker. I edited the video I wanted and I just left it there for a month. I dual booted XP and Ubuntu Intrepid. Earlier I booted again to Windows XP just to play some StarCraft BroodWar on I saw that although […]