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Optimizing your MySQL database from your website

Optimizing your MySQL database from your website

  In this post I’ll explain how simple is it to optimize your MySQL database directly from your website / website administration panel ( if you have one ).   Usually people I know optimize their MySQL database from “phpmyadmin” if they have it.   Why optimize ? Well, in case you just deleted a […]

A Great Way To Show Off Your Sponsors Or Friends On Your Website

A Great Way To Show Off Your Sponsors Or Friends On Your Website

Everybody has a link list, a blog roll, a links page etc. on their website. Here’s a great way to show off your friends, sponsors or websites you like with the jQuery Sponsor Flip Wall. No … it’s not a table. It’s a jQuery animated wall. It does it like this: What’s great is that […]

Multiple Databases in CakePHP

Multiple Databases in CakePHP

There comes a time in life when you need to use multiple databases for a website you have to build 🙂 . I came across this “problem” when I was working on a portal website and I had to make sure that users can login with the same details on any website that company owned. […]

Sava’s Single File Upload Script

Sava's Single File Upload Script

Single file upload script. All the variables can be easily changed to suit your needs: – maximum file size that can be uploaded – allowed file extensions of files that are uploaded Easy to integrate into any design as it is very easy to remove it’s css and use your own. You can also view […]

Sava’s GuestBook v2.0

Sava's GuestBook v2.0

Features New simple layout will easy on the eye colors The entries submitted will stay pending untill the admin approves them. Image captcha Pagination system – the GuestBook will display the entries in pages so that your page will load faster and be smaller. You can edit the number of entries displayed per page in […]

Sava’s ReviewMe Offer Notifier

Sava's ReviewMe Offer Notifier

With this scripts you can easily get the latest offers from ReviewMe directly to your email address. Script needs to be added as a cron job. If you don’t know how to set up a cron job read this article. No Preview | Download (4.72KB) ( 3190 downloads )

Sava’s Random Quote

Sava's Random Quote

Quotes are stored in a text document. Just include the quotes.php file wherever you want to display random quotes on your website and you are done. Inserting your quotes: – HTML can also be used with your quotes. – To enter another quote in the text file hit enter. – you can use as many […]

Sava’s Password Protect

Sava's Password Protect

Sava’s Password Protect Script offers it’s users the option to password protect the pages that others aren’t supposed to see. Just edit the file and set your login and password and then just include the file on every page you want to have a password. You can also choose that the script will request just […]

Display the time passed in any format you want

If you use digg you probably noticed that they displayed the time passed since a comment has been posted in the following way: To obtain a rezult in this format we will use the function strtotime. This function counts the seconds that have passed since the 1st of January 1970. In order to obtain the […]

Captcha – The simplest way to make it

A big problem today is spam. The best way to combat spam is Captcha. Captcha makes the difference between a computer and a human being. Computers cannot read the text in a picture and this is why we’ll use a photo too.   Let’s start by creating the file captcha.php. This file will create a […]