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Do you know it’s really cold ?

Well … I am from Romania. We have some really cold winters here. I’m not kidding … this is how some unfortunate romanians spends his winter. Some of us aren’t that fortunate to have a warm room … 🙁 Anyway … you probably wanna know what I am talking about … Well you can listen […]

New cool stuff added

I have added some new pages of Cool Stuff. You might wanna check it out … maybe you like something there. Remember to pass on the pages that you like to your friends 😉

Awaiting payment on

And I see that my earnings on mylot are in pending. I am supposed to receive those money before the 15th of december.Let’s see if the site will pay untill that day. If I get paid … I’ll make much more money 😉

Anybody seen the new pics with Britney Spears ?

I was really scared and just couldn’t save one to post it here on my blog. I swear I deleted all the songs that I had in my computer that she sang. Bleah I know it doesn’t matter how a person looks … but … where are all my dreams with me sleeping with her […]

I accept donations now

I now accept donations. If you use any of my scripts, and you are a good fella … and you feel like charity … you can give a donation. This is not for a living … it’s just that feeling of apreciation. This will also make me work harder. If any of you  wanna donate […] – a great forum

If you are interested in talking about domains and other stuff related to this you can go to They have a lot of members and they also register domains for free (I mean ddpoints). Something like

It was a pain but my site is valid now

After checking every part of the code, I have fixed all the errors and finally my site is Xhtml valid. What … don’t you trust me ? You can see that for yourself here.Nice ha ? People say that it’s important so that your site is valid … what for ?How many people browsing the […]

Windows XP Secrets

Ok … so open up a notepad on your computer, write down in it bush hid the facts in it. Save it as bush.txt . Close it and open it up again. Let me know if you can read what was written in it. Pretty cool ha ? It also works with: this app can […]

These have been some hard 3 days

These 3 days I didn’t sleep at all. I had to go to Galati and look and rent an apartment. I found one, it is nice but it’s on the 4th floor and there is no elevator.Now I gotta get a net connection there and that’s it I’ll see you guys after I sleep, I […]