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Can you make money without help ?

No you can’t ! Let’s say you came across a decent amount of cash and you’re thinking about doing something useful with it. You’ve seen it in the movies or maybe your friends or work colleagues do it. They invest the cash they don’t need at that moment. Your life can change if you make […]

Entertain yourself and make money at the same time

You have an iPhone, right ? Who doesn’t ? I like storing videos in it to share with my friends. I came across Vuzu. It’s a great website that has a lot of videos (from funny videos to accidents and so on). You can also access it from your iPhone directly. The best thing is […]

Making Money by Spending Money

Everybody wants to make money, right ? Well in order to make money you have to spend money at first ? The AdWords Manifesto teaches you how to make a six figure income using the power of Google Adwords. You will be able to rank better with your competitors no matter what niche your business […]

Profit from ideas you might never have discovered on your own

As the title of the post says you now can profit from ideas you might never have discovered on your own. So the market’s on the move and you’re wondering if you should buy, sell, or wait it out. Even when you’ve done your homework, there are times you want to bounce an idea off […]

April 2008 Income Report

Another month has passed and it’s time to see if my website can support itself financially. And … surprize … it can even if my Page Rank went to 0 from 3 and after a day or two if got back up to a PR2. A lot of traffic came to the post If browsers […]

Another great income for your blog

As Easter is getting closer and closer I began waiting for some gifts. I know it’s not Christmas … but here in Romania people usually buy something new for Easter. My first gift received was the approval of Sava’s Place in PayPerPost. What is payperpost ? Well … it’s a marketplace where advertisers get in […]

Recommended Money Makers

This is not a post to show you the secrets of millions of $ online. I really believe that a website should earn enough money to pay for itself. What do I mean by paying for itself ? I mean hosting, domain renewals and other stuff you pay to keep your website alive. Let’s say […]

I sold the Computer Pranks once

And a miracle just happened 😀 When I read my e-mail today … I saw that somebody sent me 1$ via e-gold for the Computer Pranks I have for saleI do not know why I am happy

What a surprise :)

Well I remembered that I had to get paid from www.mylot.com . Looks like I did receive their payment of 15.6 $ on my e-gold account So myLot really pays … lol … I guess I’ll make more referals now 😀

Awaiting payment on www.mylot.com

And I see that my earnings on mylot are in pending. I am supposed to receive those money before the 15th of december.Let’s see if the site will pay untill that day. If I get paid … I’ll make much more money 😉