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Tactical Clothing

I must say I really like the way those people from SWAT look in their tactical clothing. When I like something I also search for it on the internet (I like to know a bit more about everything). I just watched the movie SWAT ( I know it’s old but I was really bored) and […]

Display the time passed in any format you want

If you use digg you probably noticed that they displayed the time passed since a comment has been posted in the following way: To obtain a rezult in this format we will use the function strtotime. This function counts the seconds that have passed since the 1st of January 1970. In order to obtain the […]

Christmas is just one month away

Yes, it’s the 25th of november. Just one month until Christmas is here. In my case it’s really hard to find good presents. It usually takes me 2-3 days to buy presents for all my loved ones. I know 5 younger cousins … and I mean young. They have a lot of toys and this […]

Captcha – The simplest way to make it

A big problem today is spam. The best way to combat spam is Captcha. Captcha makes the difference between a computer and a human being. Computers cannot read the text in a picture and this is why we’ll use a photo too.   Let’s start by creating the file captcha.php. This file will create a […]


What these pictures show words can’t tell

Report Annoying Callers

When was the last time you received an annoying call in the middle of the night ? I’m pretty sure that not that much time has passed since you woke up, answered your phone just to hear some sick joke or just that busy tone because the person at the other end of the line […]

Hang It On – The HDD Encloser

Portable hard drives are not really THAT portable if you have to tote around another peripheral but maybe you should have bought a laptop with a bigger hard drive! The Hang it On hard drive encloser lets you hang you 2.5" companion off the back of your laptop’s LCD screen. Sure, now your MacBook Air […]

Gear Up Like the Pros

I know a lot of people that like to hunt. I’m not one of those. I can’t stand seeing animals hurt. Anyway, if you really enjoy hunting you need to have good gear right ? I’m not a specialist but I know you need to spot the pray first, right ? So I think you’d […]

Make Utopia Angel Work Under Ubuntu

I used to keep Windows on my home PC just for playing Utopia. Utopia is a medieval fantasy game played on the web directly through your browser – no downloads necessary. It is one of the most long-standing games online, and has been available to play for free since 1998. To make your life easier […]