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A Toilet Seat Is Cleaner Than Your Keyboard

A Toilet Seat Is Cleaner Than Your Keyboard

Have you licked your toilet seat recently? Sound gross? Try typing, or talking on your phone. A new study found that of 12 places in the average office, the toilet seat had the least bacteria. They also found that wiping everything with Clorox wipes kills the bacteria, which is a shocker, considering the study was […]

Wireless Illuminated Tiny Keyboard

Wireless Illuminated Tiny Keyboard

Here’s a tiny USB dongle wireless keyboard that we wish the Mac Mini would have been shipped with. This 56 character keyboard is actually an update of a similar non-illuminated (and cheaper) version from the same company; looks about the same size as the Acer Aspire One. This lil’ couch surfer’s delight operates up to […]

Asus EEE Keyboard

Asus most definitely came to CES packing heat and without a doubt, one of its most impressive announcements was the Eee Keyboard. We want it and we want it now. The Eee Keyboard stuffs a PC with respectable netbook-like specs into, you guessed it, a keyboard. Flat Mac-like keys and a 5-inch touchscreen display sit […]

The keyboard for blondes

  Looks like an ordinary keyboard but it has a lot of "blonde keys" 😀 . For example, the S key means SOS (shoes on sale), the P key means PT (Party time) and so on. Features Keys are fun and very different. Talking buttons. Yep, this keyboard talks to you. Special keys for easy […]

Clean Your Dirty Keyboard With Slime

Cyber Clean is a Swiss made (first of it’s kind?) cleaning slime that can get at hidden dirt no matter where it hides. Roll the goop over your keyboard or any other device and it will slink in and pick up any bit of filth and debris. It cleans and kills germs while binding with […]

Would you buy one of these ?

People began liking strange things … especially if they are gadgets. You would surely like the USB Humping Dog. It’s impossible not to like so I’m not asking you anything about it. I’m just saying you already like it. What’s not to like ? But would you like to have one of these ? The […]

A Viper Created With Recycled Keyboards

In one of my older posts – Turn your old computer into something useful – I spoke about how good it is to recycle your old computer or computer parts and make something extraordinary. This is a viper made with keys recycled from discarded computer keyboards. It was created by the Korean painter Choi Jung […]

DX1 Input – Create you own keyboard

Keyboards are great, but for the hardcore gamer, they are far from perfect. Just think about how many times you’ve dreamed about moving the keys to fit your hand, or to make a key execute a string of commands. The DX1 Input System was built with you in mind. Simply put, all you do is […]

Cyborg Gaming Keyboard From Saitek

Saitek launched the Cyborg Keyboard which is fully customisable, can backlight the gaming keys in three different colors and brightness. The red, green or amber backlights can be programmed to highlight the keys most often used in gaming – the WASD, cursor, ‘C’ and Numpad keys. It has a touch-sensitive control panel that allows the […]