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The Moldable Mouse

The Moldable Mouse

This mouse concept by Lite-on is made of lightweight modeling clay with a flexible polyurethane and nylon fabric cover that lets you mold it into whatever shape is most comfortable for you. The stick on, radio-frequency controlled mouse buttons and touch-sensitive scroll pad can be attached in any position to suit the user. Moldable Mouse […]

World’s Smallest Wireless Mouse

World's Smallest Wireless Mouse

Well I know I like my gadgets to be tiny and easy to store in a pocket but I guess this one is too small for a round of Quake or Unreal Tournament but anyway it’s worth mentioning. And there you have it: the world’s smallest wireless mouse ! This 27.5x60x19mm thumb-sized 2.4 GHz min-strosity […]

Lag Free Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse

The Razer Mamba looks like a winner for gamers or anyone looking for a high-performance mouse: Lag free, 2.4GHz wireless or wired, with teflon base, and 1ms polling rate, rather than the usual 8ms. Razer has unleashed the full potential of gaming mice by designing an ergonomic, lag free gaming mouse with 2.4GHz gaming grade […]

Optical Wheel Mouse

Genius has released a new notebook mouse with laser technology and a new type of scroll wheel. Called Genius Navigator 525, the laptop accessory uses the OptoWheel optical sensor which improves scrolling making it faster and more precise. Known as the first ergonomic mouse with OptoWheel scrolling, the model is replacing the traditional wheel and […]

Samsung Ultra Slim Mouse

8mm thickness Slim Mouse is a portability-oriented product for laptop users. Advanced horizontal scroll wheel technology which is combined with hall sensor and modularization gives you convenient portability and fast scrolling. Ergonomic scroll wheel driven by technology of Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Available to scroll continuously at one-touch of a finger on the horizontal scroll wheel. It’s […]