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As a thank you for visiting my website I decided to put a For you page also. On this page you can find interesting stuff that you might wanna use or see.

New: Tutorials page … not to many of them … but more are coming

Tools & Articles

Special Offer:


  • Article Manager – if you wanna post news or articles on your site you can use my article manager
  • Guestbook – if you want a cool guestbook for your script you can preview mine and maybe use it
  • Link manager – of course you have affiliates. Maintain them with this cool script
  • Random Quote Display – display random quotes on your website or anything you want
  • Other scripts – They don’t have a preview


  • Caged – A template with some nice shades of blue and a sexy logo 😀
  • MoneyMaker – If you have a website about money making … this can help you
  • Black and White – a very simple but cool template. Just the way I like a site to be.
  • Black – a dark template. Go ahead and see it … maybe you like it.


  • Programmer’s Notepad – a cool editor for html or php with highlighting and other features
  • Zend Studio – a more powerfull editor with more features than Programmer’s Notepad but it also eats up a lot of RAM

Movie viewing

  • K-Lite Codec Pack – very good codec pack
  • BS Player – You all know it … but with it and K-lite you can view any movies in any format including DVD’s … of course if you have a DVD-Rom 😛

This page is still in construction so feel free to bookmark it for new stuff for you.
Remember that this page contains programs for you to use. You can also view the cool stuff or the cool pictures on my website.

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