Prizee Tips and Tricks

Let`s say you just begun playing Prizee. You need to know a few things if you wanna continue playing and winning presents. Here are some tips and tricks for Prizee.

First of all … some passphrazes:

  • la charité s’il te plait – You will receive 0.01 Bubz
  • Bloub blib blob blub – You will receive 0.05 Bubz
  • Que le pouvoir du poisson soit en moi. – Get more experience

To enter this passphrazes switch to french language by hitting the french flag on and go to the bottom and click on Bubulle. This usually don’t work if you have another language set. They didn’t for me at least 😐

  • j’ai toujours adoré les poissons ! – Enter this passphraze if you allready have the Bubbly Ticket game. It will give you another play per day

Now let’s see the secrets behind

  • Bubbly Ticket – you can get this game by playing Cocktail – if you manage to get 3 fishes to get out of that volcano you get the game. For an extra play you can enter the passphraze mentioned above 😉
  • Silver V.I.P. – once you reach the Silver rank you automaticly get this extra game.
  • Abracadabra – this game is tricky to get. You need to have 7.77 Bubz in your Treasure Chest. Once you managed to reach this amount you gotta go and play Cocktail. When you scratch you will see 3 little bunny heads. This means you got a new game for you to play every day.
    If you are allready way up 7.77 Bubz don’t worry. You just need to have three 7`s in your Bubz. So if you have 17.77 Bubz you can get the game also.
  • Stack’ em high – You get this game if you manage to have more than 10 Bubz in your Treasure Chest. If you have 20 Bubz you will activate Stack’ em high II and so on.

This are the only games I managed to discover untill now. If I get new ones they will be here so feel free to bookmark this page.

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