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Einstein The Parrot

Einstein The Parrot

This is the smartest and the funniest parrot I ever saw. Enjoy the video and a good laugh  

Jackie Chan Kaspersky Ad

Jackie Chan on a Segway wearing a helmet that says Kaspersky on it and punching computer viruses ? You may be thinking I’m telling the dream I had last night. Well .. I’m not. Here’s Jackie Chan’s new Kaspersky commercial with Eugene Kaspersky:

Reasons To Drink Milk

It’s been a while since I found a video I laughed at. I knew I would eventually find another funny video. So .. here it is and remember to drink milk 😀

Fukitorimushi: A Creepy Cleaning Robot

Fukitorimushi: A Creepy Cleaning Robot

Panasonic has revealed a strange new cleaning robot at the recent Tokyo Fiber Senseware expo in Milan. The robot is wrapped in Nanofront, a special polyester cloth based on nanofibers, developed by Teijin, Ltd. The cloth can absorb oil and pick up even ultra-fine dust particles. The creepy robots drag themselves around the floor like […]

How To : Fix your MacBook Air

How To : Fix your MacBook Air

This guys says that some of his friends have MacBook Air’s and that all of them managed to brake in the exact same stop. Here’s how to fix it 😀 I guess it’s kinda stupid. Damaging it all for a tiny piece of plastic that could have been easily replaced.

Your Zune Will Never Get Stolen

Yep, even thieves know what’s good 😀

Mythbusters GPU vs. CPU Demo

The idea is that a normal CPU processes things one at a time, like the single-paintball robot, and a GPU has parallel processors that can do (in this case) 1100 times the work in a single stroke. What do you think ?

2 Points with a Girl

Basketball is a team sport in which two teams of five active players each try to score points against one another by propelling a ball through a 10 feet (3 m) high hoop (the goal) under organized rules. Basketball is one of the most popular and widely viewed sports in the world. If you play […]

Witness Protection Program

In Plain Sight is a new drama that started on USA Network on the 1st of June and it’s about the witness protection program. Imagine if you’re in this program to. You life would take a dramatically hard turn suddenly. No more friends, no work colleagues, no family. It’s like you’re born again. A new […]

MAC versus PC video – Do not mess with a PC

This video made my day. It will make yours to 😀