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Hosting package upgrade

I just saw this now. My hosting package was upgraded today. is the best hosting I’ve seen yet.My 2GB of bandwith turned into 5 GB. Let’s hope it will be enough 😀 If you want a good free web host … you should try .

Contact form update

Added captcha to the Simple Contact form. As always you can see a demo before you download it. Click here to see the demo and try it. Note: the demo will not send any e-mails, it will store the data in a text file. Enjoy

New updates

If you wanna sign up you will notice the password meter. This tool is just awsome and I am very proud I have it on my website. Check it out at Create an account And of I added smoothbox also … if you wanna post a comment … you will see that the comment form […]

Sorry for the downtime

But it looks like I ran out of bandwith. I see this like a good thing … this means my website is popular … I guess 😉

I sold the Computer Pranks once

And a miracle just happened 😀 When I read my e-mail today … I saw that somebody sent me 1$ via e-gold for the Computer Pranks I have for saleI do not know why I am happy