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Optical Wheel Mouse

Genius has released a new notebook mouse with laser technology and a new type of scroll wheel. Called Genius Navigator 525, the laptop accessory uses the OptoWheel optical sensor which improves scrolling making it faster and more precise. Known as the first ergonomic mouse with OptoWheel scrolling, the model is replacing the traditional wheel and […]

Save energy with the help of Dirt Devil

How often do you clean your house ? And do you care about saving energy ? If yes here’s something you might be interested in. I’m not telling you to call the dog to lick up any food spilled on the kitchen floor, Dirt Devil has a better way to save energy. The new AccuCharge […]

Get exposure from the experts

How many of you started a business but got stuck even from the beginning ? A lot of people wanted to give up because they had no customers. In our days, a lot of customers come from the internet. If you don’t believe it then you probably should know that 71% of consumers start their […]

Talent Earns You Money

We all know that people make money because they are talented at something. But sometimes that talent can earn you more money than you ever thought. This is why me and one of my friends which is very talented with a pencil in his hand will start a new sketch website, logo designing and graphics […]

USB Webcam With Built In Mic and Speaker

Features Driverless for Windows XP SP2/Vista and Linux One USB cable, Plug & Play Foldable, can place any place even LCD Monitor Video Frame Rate: VGA, 30 frame/second WhiteBalance: Automatic Exposal Control: Automatic Flash Control: Automatic Build-in Hi-Fi Baffle Box Build-in audio chip USB 2.0 Interface Rotation 360 The USB Webcam with Speaker and Microphone, […]

Never lose your pets again

A lot of us usually loose their pets sometimes. You know how sad you get until you find it. I know that the last time I didn’t manage to find one of my new born kitties I almost cried. And what do you know ? He was just sleeping in the garden right below some […]

3D Led Cube

These look cool right ? Wait and see what they can do and of course what’s gonna be made on the same principle. Created by Chinese display manufacturer Seekway, this prototype 3D LED display cube was created using a 16x16x16 grid of interconnected color LEDs (that’s a whopping 4096 individual diodes). Each cube is capable […]

Choosing the best web host

A lot of us started our websites using free hosting accounts. I know I did. If you still use a free hosting account from somewhere you will surely switch in the near future. Let me put a curse on you: May you have so many visitors that you’re host will put a hold on your […]

The Product Configurator from ConceptOne

Configure One’s Concept Product Configurator Software is specifically designed for manufacturing companies who produce products that are highly configurable or are routinely customized to meet the unique needs of the manufacturers’ customers. The Concept Product Configurator (Sales Configurator) is scalable and can be quickly cost-justified by all manufacturing companies, independent of their size or industry. […]

Moneuals Stunning New Media PC

Check out this stunning HTPC from Moneual. It features a retro looking case with a built in 7 inch touchscreen and comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 processor. For graphics there is a 256 MB ATI 2400 PRO GPU and it comes with 2GB of DDR2 RAM. There is also a 750GB SATA […]