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Harry Winston’s Opus Eleven Watch

Harry Winston's Opus Eleven Watch

Some might say that this watch is a Mickey Mouse watch because of how it looks … but it’s not. Its case is made of 18k white gold and sapphire crystal and the Opus Eleven’s definitely got worthy price tag … ringing in at about $250,000. Here’s a video: Would you buy one if you […]

iWeb 2.0 Laptop Concept By Yang Yongchang

iWeb 2.0 Laptop Concept By Yang Yongchang

The iWeb 2.0 laptop concept is designed by Yang Yongchang and it has Utopian concepts with really drool-worthy features! Here are a few photos: It would be even more usefully if it would have the option to fold the screen completely to the back so that it would become a touch tablet. Via YankoDesign