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My Page Rank Increased :)

Well … I checked it like 1 week ago .. and it was 0 but when I checked it today it says I have Page Rank 3 I’m happy 😀

New site started

Scam will be a  community where people can receive help regarding their safety on the internet.The site is brand new, not a lot of traffic on it, if you want to help others or just give tips, if you have any articles about internet security or if you seek help or tips from other […]

Some more updates

I’ve just updated the For you part of the website. Check it out – you’ll find some very interesting stuff there like 2 articles, Computer Pranks for sale and a new cool page with some Info on 911 – A must be read

w0w The Upload Script is Number 1

You can see below how many times my scripts have been downloaded. You can see that the Simple Upload Script is number 1 by far. Article Manager – 276 downloadsDirectory Script – 206 downloadsGuestbook Script –  438 downloadsLink Manager Script – 308 downloadLoad Load Time Script – 155 downloadsPassword Protect  Script – 13 downloads   […]

New script added – Password Protect

I’ve added a new script for you to use. It’s password protect script which will allow you to put a password on a page from your website (so that the wrong eyes don’t see it’s contents) 😀 You can view it’s demo.Demo Login: youDemo Password: yourpassword P.S. 😀 I’ve added a demo for the Random […]

Search – Win an Ipod, PSP or Digital Camera offers free Ipods, PSP’s or Canon Digital Cameras. All you have to do is to complete offers, search, use their toolbar and much more 😀 To find out more click on the banner below

2 Very Very Very Funny Videos

Well … I laughed my *** out whenever I watch them so I thought to share them with my visitors also. How NOT To Play FootBallGirls are walking accidents Enjoy 🙂

My first userbars

I’ve made them myself, what do you think ? 😀

What MS Paint can do

All windows users have it on their computer … but can they do this ?

The coolest Javascript I’ve seen

So … go to any website, wait until it loads and then clear the address bar. Paste this instead of the site’s addressYou will see that every picture on that site will go crazy.If you find a good website with crazy results please post a comment about it here 😀