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Is Tux Everywhere ?

Linux is everywhere right now. Even my server has linux on it and I bet yours does to. But have you ever thought if it’s maskot is everywhere ? 😀 Let’s see … Tux can be on a plane or in your ear on your pet on your desk on a train in your bathroom […]

The Gaming POD

Imagine yourself playing FEAR or AVP in this. Would it feel and sounds like the real thing ? Probably not but it would increase the experience.

Search Inmates Made Easy

Just heard an old friend of yours is is prison but aren’t sure ? Well here’s the link: federal inmate search. Go ahead and see for real if your buddy is in jail or not. Prison Inmate Search is a search engine comprised of an array of prison inmate records found in The United States. […]

Funny Unix Commands

% cat “food in cans” cat: can’t open food in cans % nice man woman No manual entry for woman. % rm God rm: God nonexistent % ar t God ar: God does not exist] % ar r God ar: creating God % “How would you rate George Bush’s incompetence? Unmatched “. % [Where is […]

Have You Tried Infrared Saunas Yet ?

If you didn’t then you should. Infrared saunas are good for: detoxification pain relief weight loss cardiovascular health stress relief and relaxation beautification of skin tissue elasticity chronic inner ear infections sunburns And many more. I think the most important one is that it’s good for cancer: infrared therapy can help stimulate the body’s immune […]

20 Things Programmers Say When Something Is Not Working

20. That’s weird…. 19. It’s never done that before. 18. It worked yesterday. 17. How is that possible? 16. It must be a hardware problem. 15. What did you type in wrong to get it to crash? 14. There is something funky in your data. OR It’s a data problem, not a program problem. 13. […]

Wi-Fi Sneakers

Many will argue that radio, information, and life will be increasingly accessible to all of us via Wi-Fi, but we’ll always need a signal. Montreal-based designer Stefan Dukaczewski helps us envision the day when our clothing helps lead the way. His Wi-Fi sneakers light up to indicate signal strength whenever you walk near a zone. […]

Profit from ideas you might never have discovered on your own

As the title of the post says you now can profit from ideas you might never have discovered on your own. So the market’s on the move and you’re wondering if you should buy, sell, or wait it out. Even when you’ve done your homework, there are times you want to bounce an idea off […]

Napbook – Laptop Case and a Pillow

Here’s something really useful for us laptop owners. The NapBook is a standard notebook computer bag/case but it’s extra thick and fluffy so it can be used as a pillow as well. It’s great for those late night study sessions or if you’re working late in the office and want to catch a quick refreshing […]