The Story behind Adsense

– by Robin Darch

Adsense has become extremely prolific on the web. It is one of the great turning points of the Internet. First, there was the proliferation of domain names being speculated on. That phenomenon created web real estate and gave it value.

Then there was the Internet Stock Boom, where almost any company with a good idea for a website could get venture capital, do an Initial Public Offering of stock and become a millionaire. Such overnight success lured millions to start their own websites. That gave web real estate even more value.

Then came Amazon and their 750 million in sales every year. Jeff Bezos, the CEO swears someday that some of that will be actual profit. They may not make much profit, but they can generate more sales than anyone else. They are one of the most amazing stories in Internet history.

Ebay was the only Internet venture that made a profit from day one. The impact they have made on the web is tremendous. They created a whole new economy, not just a website and an auction. There are thousands of people making their living through Ebay and many of them don’t even have a website. Any history of the Internet has to include a lot about Ebay.

Let’s not leave out Yahoo who looked as if they were going to be the premiere search engine for everyone who wanted to find anything on the web. All you heard about was Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Regions, Yahoo Chat, Yahoo Groups, and on and on and on. They were on top of the world as search engines go.

The problem they had but didn’t know they had, was that all of their searches were powered by a database that did not belong to them. However, this database company agreed to never compete with them, so no problem, right?

That little database company was called Google. They had been there in the background all along, their spiders searching the web for all the new content out there, renting out their database to Yahoo and others, and promising they would never compete with them.

Well it was a promise they could not keep. They paid the price in court to Yahoo and moved into competition with their former partners and became a search engine themselves. What a lot of people failed to understand is that “Information is Power”.

Google’s database had become so large that no one else could search as many websites as they could. A search term typed into their new simply designed interface would produce more results than the same term typed into any other search engine or directory.

As a result, more people began to use Google as their preferred search engine than any other. People want the most results and the most relevant results and Google provided it.

Now, just like Yahoo, their Google Labs project began creating Google this and Google that. Google Images was one of the firsts and remains a great tool. Google’s News Alerts are beyond compare. Froogle really never took off. Gmail is a huge success and much better than similar services. The Google Toolbar is better than others. Now they have Google Chat even.

This article is not even long enough to tell you all the innovations that Google is offering out there. But none of Google’s programs have been the success that Adsense has been. Because of the money they make from Google Adwords and Adsense, their IPO on Wallstreet netted them more cash than they know what to do with.

Almost anytime you spend even thirty minutes searching the web, you see at least one website that has Adsense Ads on it. I have seen government websites that are utilizing Google Adsense. Blogs use it, Forums use it. It seems almost everyone has Google Adsense in one of their websites.

There are even websites that are built just for the purpose of participating in the Google Adsense program. No affiliate program, not even has had that kind of success signing up people to use their affiliate program. Even Commission Junction at, who has been around since George Washington had his own website, doesn’t have as many affiliates as Google Adsense has.

Personally, I have had a great experience working with Google Adsense. I think they are here to stay, which I can not say for many affiliate programs you can choose to promote. Go with the flow. Go take a look at Google Adsense if you haven’t already and make some money!

We hope we have added some useful information and ideas for you about Google and Adsense.

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