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I’ve been TAGGED

Well … I just found out I’ve been TAGGED by Millie ( Silver-Charm ). The "game" seems interesting. Rules: Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits […]


As I posted earlier about The Gravedancers I thought upon talking about one of my favorite movies: Hostel.It’s about 3 guys that go on vacation to visit Europe … but they are driven by a guy to a place where they we’re supposed to meet some hot chicks. The thing is .. they do find […]

The Gravedancers

A friend came by earlier with this movie on his 2GigaBytes USB stick. Man I’d love one of those … I have a stick but it has only 256 MegaBytes.Anyway the movie is really interesting. It starts with a funeral … and some friends of that dead guy go in the cemetery at night to […]

New site launched

I finished the layout for and I uploaded and installed everything. It’s not my site, I made it for a friend … actually a friend of my girlfriend 🙂 What do you think ?

You bored ?

If yes … then why don’t you try to beat me and X and 0 ? The winner get’s a beer from the looser 😀

Ever ran out of Toilet Paper ?

Have you ever ran out of toilet paper ? Well it happens to me very often … so I found some spare … you can check it out to. Voila …. my spare toilet paper

Ever been scammed or you know somebody who has been ?

If you we’re scammed or if you know somebody who was scammed … you can go to Scam and seek for help. The site is fully operational and it allready has 3 members Remember that the site is a community where people can ask for help against scams or just give help to other […]

New page added – Tutorials

I’ve added some pretty cool tutorials on how to make your computer great 😀 Don’t worry there are just 3 tutorials … but more will come Hope I will have the time to finish another 2 scripts for you people 😉

I didn’t have time much these days

but I hope I can update my websites … and put something interesting in them. Sava’s Place remained the same as I am working on and will update this site as soon as I can also as I am working on a new script. 😀