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What scripts do you want or need ?

Please let me know if you have any requests or want updates for any existing scripts ?I am getting bored at home … but I have no ideas …Would you like an image gallery php/mysql script ?Please let me know in the forum or post your comment.Thanks

New Google Analytics Reports

As you may have seen the new Google Analytics Beta Reports just came out today (I think). If you use Google Analytics you will be more than please of the new interface. Much easier to look at … and more statistics.Thank you Google.

What happened ?

Anybody know what hapenned to ?Please let me know … or just let Millie knowEdit:Today the message changed. Looks like the hacker also deleted her database. I know she used Cutenews … which is flatfile. Good thing he’s done that 😀 Millie … Glad to have you back 😀


Fully automated storage you do not have to manage.Chances are, you get passionate about creating or collecting digital content, not about managing the storage where it lives. For you we have created Drobo, the first robotic storage device that takes the pain out of keeping your content safe. Drobo guards everything on it. Drobo combines […]

The Flintstones Real House

The Flintstones, an American animated television series created by Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, is one of the most successful animated television series of all time, originally running in American prime time for six seasons, from 1960 to 1966, on the ABC network. It was loosely based on The Honeymooners. This animated television show is now in real […]

Wrist computer

At first there was a man … He needed to calculate something really fast and he has invented a computer to do that for him. It was like 20-25 years ago when the first computer has been created. So now it is one of the biggest industries in the world. We have computers everywhere and […]

What I wanna buy

First thing is first : I am not a GEEK Flying this mini copter takes some of those twitchy video game skillz you’ve been perfecting on FPS shooters. But once you get the knack of it you won’t be able to stop zooming it around your home or office. Unlike a traditional R/C helicopter, the […]

What’s Next in Gadgets

E-mail can be read only when a laptop is open, right? Microsoft’s proposed solution is SideShow. Laptop makers are planning to design small screens on the outer body so you can read incoming messages or choose music without opening the case. SideShow will be supported by the Windows Vista operating system, launching this year. Fly […]

Anybody know anything about ?

Well … just now I wanted to access and all I get is an index page saying Welcome to your future WebsiteIn order to view your website, please remove this file "index.html" and replace it with your own index.html file.If you know something I don’t please let me know by contacting me or just post […]

All done :D

Well … the nameservers are ok again, new theme works perfectly all done. Stay tuned for more scripts 😀 P.S. What do you think of the new theme 😀