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A Free Wii, PS3 or Other Gadgets ?

A Free Wii, PS3 or Other Gadgets ?

Just in case you are a resident of either the UK, Republic of Ireland, USA or Canada then you can be part of this. As the title says, you can get a free wii, ps3 or any other gadgets you like by just completing offers. Mr. Review received an iPod after completing a few offers […]

Sava’s Single File Upload Script

Sava's Single File Upload Script

Single file upload script. All the variables can be easily changed to suit your needs: – maximum file size that can be uploaded – allowed file extensions of files that are uploaded Easy to integrate into any design as it is very easy to remove it’s css and use your own. You can also view […]

Sava’s GuestBook v2.0

Sava's GuestBook v2.0

Features New simple layout will easy on the eye colors The entries submitted will stay pending untill the admin approves them. Image captcha Pagination system – the GuestBook will display the entries in pages so that your page will load faster and be smaller. You can edit the number of entries displayed per page in […]

Sava’s Random Quote

Sava's Random Quote

Quotes are stored in a text document. Just include the quotes.php file wherever you want to display random quotes on your website and you are done. Inserting your quotes: – HTML can also be used with your quotes. – To enter another quote in the text file hit enter. – you can use as many […]

Sava’s Password Protect

Sava's Password Protect

Sava’s Password Protect Script offers it’s users the option to password protect the pages that others aren’t supposed to see. Just edit the file and set your login and password and then just include the file on every page you want to have a password. You can also choose that the script will request just […]

Sava’s Link Manager v2.0

Sava's Link Manager v2.0

Features Easy to use admin panel (edit/delete/add links) Cool display – can be integrated into any website Link counter – displays how many times a link was clicked Users are able to submit links themselves, but are shown only after admin approval Shows a links description also if you enter one so your visitors know […]

Sava’s Simple CSS Switcher

Sava's Simple CSS Switcher

Simple PHP script to change the css file of your website. It can handle unlimited number of css files. The users choice is stored in a session variable so the css theme won’t change until the user switches to another. Read me file included in the archive. With the script you can easily have more […]

Sava’s Contact Form

Sava's Contact Form

Features very easy to install and use captcha to prevent spam protection very easy to style and integrate into your existing website Preview | Download (2.98KB) ( 3758 downloads )

Free Music Downloads

Everybody likes music. Either your ipod or mp3 player is already full but you got bored of the same tunes you listen to. You surely are looking ways to download music but now you can do it free and be able to Get Free Music From MPFree.com. All you have to do is to complete […]

Google Calendar – Free SMS Text Reminder

We all have important meetings to go to, birthdays or other miscellaneous stuff we don’t want to forget. Using Google Calendar you can get free SMS Text Reminders directly to your phone. Maybe a lot of you use it and receive email reminders. But not everybody can check their email 24/7. To set up SMS […]