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Mayweather-De La Hoya II in September

Many of you have seen this years Wretlemania. As you know every Wrestlemania just gets better and better. This year WWE brough Floyd Money Mayweather to fight with Big Show. Mayweather won the fight after 3 hits with a chair and a punch ( from hell ) in the face. Mayweather got $20 million for […]

The Easter Bunny is mean

Easter was great. A lot of barbeque, lamb, porc, fish and cake. All in my stomach now. Everything went just fine in the real life … but here on the internet … well … let’s just say Google got mean. Sava’s Place had a PR 3 …. and now it has a PR 0. Don’t […]

Weird Watch

I like watches … especially big ones or the one that don’t look very ordinary. But today I found a watch that really is weird. Let’s see … would you guess what time is it showing ? I guess not … here’s how:     Anyway … it looks good … and it really doesn’t […]

Another great income for your blog

As Easter is getting closer and closer I began waiting for some gifts. I know it’s not Christmas … but here in Romania people usually buy something new for Easter. My first gift received was the approval of Sava’s Place in PayPerPost. What is payperpost ? Well … it’s a marketplace where advertisers get in […]

Turn your old computer into something useful

You have that old computer in the attic. It’s all dusty, the white turned into blue … and you probably are thinking at throwing it away the next time you clean up. Well … don’t do that. You can make useful and cool stuff from it like a hard drive clock or a floppy disk […]

Those Computers From The Movies

Aren’t you amazed of what those computers from movies can do ? I wonder … did they hire Bill Gates to write a new operating system for them ? If they did … this is what they implemented: Word processors never display a cursor. You never have to use the spacebar when typing long sentences. […]

SocialSpark is open for business

I signed up recently with SocialSpark. I didn’t write about it at first because I wanted to test it out. But only just 5 days I really believe it’s worth mentioning and sharing it with you guys as it’s a great place. First of all – What is Social Spark ? The most important thing […]

Its the same in the doll world

A man was driving home one evening and realized that it was his daughter’s birthday and he hadn’t bought her a present. He drove to the mall and ran to the toy store and he asked the store manager: How much is that new Barbie in the window?   The Manager replied: Which one? We […]

Smallest 8GB Flash Drive From Super Talent – The Pico-C

The Pico-C measures 31.3mm x 12.4mm x 3.4mm and weighs just 4.7 grams which is less than a nickel and it is also water resitant. Features: Weigh less than 6g Up to 30MB/s (200X) data transfer rate Fully compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 Powered by USB bus – no external power is required Durable […]

If browsers were women

Firefox If you meet Firefox, it’s all you can think about. She just puts to much stuff in your memory! Even though she may drive you crazy, men find it hard to dump Mrs. Firefox. It’s not because of herself, it’s more because of the stuff she gets from that huge bunch of her admirers. […]