PostVisualGPS on Mio Moov S505

Mio Moov S505

Mio Moov S505

I just unlocked another GPS: the Mio Moov S505 using Dalibor Lanik’s Visual GPS. It was as easy as unlocking the Mio Moov 500.


Installation Instructions

  1. Download Visual GPS
  2. Extract it to your hard drive
  3. Connect your Mio Moov S505 to your computer with the USB cable
  4. Copy the following 3 folders to your GPS to the parent directory (just open Mio Device – appears on your desktop when it has connected with your PC): Visual, and Visual.ins.
  5. Open Program Files/NavMan/appstartupsec.ini in a text editor and change the first 2 lines under [ Process1 ]:


    ProcessFile=\\..\\My Flash Disk\\\\auto.exe

  6. Safely remove your GPS, remove the USB cable and turn it on.


The only problem I encountered is that Core Player did not play videos. The sound was there but without any image. To fix this all you have to do is to:

  1. open Core Player
  2. go to Tools -> Preferences ( press the arrow in the top left corner first )
  3. Select Page -> Video – Select page is a button in the bottom left corner
  4. Change Video output to Raw FrameBuffer

Videos should play now.


And there you have it: your unlocked Mio Moov S505.

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Comments 17 Responses to “VisualGPS on Mio Moov S505”

  1. I tried it on Mio Moov A470 and it worked there too!! Great work!

  2. I wish…. The model I have is exactly the same one, but no NavMan folder, only Miomap (actually, it’s Mio Spirit). On top of that, there is no appstartupsec.ini (or appstartupsec.exe) for that matter present anywhere.

    I wish someone could come up with a solution for the SPIRIT models!

    1. This is a Spirit model. you just need to locate your config file and change the startup application after you copy the Visual Unlock Shell to your GPS. You can read more at

  3. it works on the s505 but mio map dont start up
    what to do?

    1. any error messages or something ? Are other applications starting ?

  4. I’ve same problems with my s505, miospirit dont start up!
    Practically, every thing is ok untill put on reset switch, after that miospirit dont start up.

    1. Have anyone solved the problem with the device not starting after reset?
      I have the same problem on my Mio S505. After reset the screen remains completely black.
      Only starts after I remove and reconnect the internal battery.

      But this is not very funny to do every time I need to start the device as the only way to close the unit is to put it in reset.

      1. I never encountered this. Try to delete everything and start all over again.

  5. just unlock mine s505 works perfectly
    there is every thing you need in the gps project link

    tnx 🙂

  6. Unlock Mio S505 works. I have installed Route 66 on a SD card. Works too!!
    Wat does not work: TMC, both with Mio and Route 66. Route 66 has no exit button.

  7. i have mio s505 europe edition, and i dont have folder called NavMan, i searched for things like this



    ProcessFile=\\..\\My Flash Disk\\\\auto.exe

    but i could not find anything that looks like the lines above

    1. I have the same situation with not finding the NAVMAN folder. I do have only MioMap folder and in that particular folder only one ini file: spirit.ini.
      This file does not consist any of the above mentioned lines.

      Is there anybody who solved this?

  8. i download the rar file but to unpack it i need a password

  9. PASS is visual

  10. i did as per ur details. i have mio model mio moov s505.

    as per this
    config1 = 0,3000,99443,
    heartbeat = 500,5,,,
    apcall00 = \My Flash Disk\Program Files\System\\Auto.exe
    apcall01 = \Storage Card\Navigation\Navigation.exe,,2,0,2,2000,
    apcall02 = \My Flash Disk\Program Files\MioMap\spirit.exe,,0,0,0,2000,
    scrsavconf = 31,2000,,,

    msg00 = 0,1046,0,0,\Windows\USBScreen.exe,,0:3317::,196896,
    msg01 = 0,1058,0,0,,500,0:3309::,512,
    msg02 = 0,1048,0,0,,500,,20,


    visual.ins folder not found on either SD card or FLASH DISK. please copy.

    i already copy the visual folder to the same location of folder

    please help me
    when i reset my mio i get the below version.
    SEEKER R.16.00


  11. delete everything and start over. Make sure you copy the directories where they should be and delete the apcall01 and apcall02 lines … maybe this will work. Remember to backup the ini file before editing

  12. I found out that the main problem is to find the “NAVMAN” folder and to edit it. Sava please help with this one so it will work just give us the steps.

    remember the “NAVMAN” folder Not exsicets any advice?