PostUnlock Your Mio Moov 500 GPS With VisualGPS

I bought a Mio Moov 500 GPS a few days ago. Here’s how it looks:

Mio Moov 500

Mio Moov 500

Pretty nice, huh ?


The bad thing is that it came only with the navigation software ( MioMap ). No video player, picture viewer or mp3 player. After a little bit of google-ing I found out that Dalibor Dalik made the Mio Moov Unlock Shell.


The Unlock Shell simply kills your original GPS application and starts Visual Shell. You can download the Visual Shell from I wanted to upload the current version to my website but it wouldn’t be useful as it isn’t final and future versions will appear. Let me share a small tutorial on how to install the Unlock Shell on a Mio Moov 500.


Note: If you have another GPS model read the full instructions. This is the easy way to install on a Mio Moov 500. I’m writing this so you don’t have to read the whole ReadMe file.


Installation Instructions

  1. Download Visual GPS
  2. Extract it to your hard drive
  3. Connect your Mio Moov 500 to your computer with the USB cable
  4. Copy the following 3 folders to your GPS to the parent directory (just open Mio Device – appears on your desktop when it has connected with your PC): Visual, and Visual.ins.
  5. Open Program Files/MioMap/appstartupsec.ini in a text editor and change the line:
    ProcessFile=Program Files/MioMap/MioMap.exe to
    ProcessFile=\\..\\My Flash Disk\\\\auto.exe
  6. Safely remove your GPS, remove the USB cable and turn it on.

You will see that VisualGPS is starting. I won’t tell you how to use VisualGPS. It will be nicer to find out what it can do yourself. All I’m telling you is that you can now play a video, listen to music and use other GPS software (iGo, TomTom, Route66 etc.) on your Mio Moov 500.



Mio Moov 500 Unlocked - GPS Applications

Mio Moov 500 Unlocked - GPS Applications

As you can see I have MioMap and iGo8. They both work flawlessly.

Mio Moov 500 Unlocked - Multimedia Applications

Mio Moov 500 Unlocked - Multimedia Applications

I use Core Player to view videos (top left corner) and Nitrogen ( 3rd icon on top row )to play mp3 files.

Mio Moov 500 Unlocked - Games

Mio Moov 500 Unlocked - Games

Solitaire is the best thing ever for the times when you’re stuck in traffic 😀

Mio Moov 500 Unlocked - Settings Screen

Mio Moov 500 Unlocked - Settings Screen

Total Commander is really useful 😉 . From this screen you can change the wallpaper, open USB mode, close processes and modify some settings.

And there you have it: your unlocked Mio Moov 500. Remember that you can always read more about the VisualGPS Mio Unlock Shell.

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Comments 46 Responses to “Unlock Your Mio Moov 500 GPS With VisualGPS”

  1. Very nice tutorial indeed. It costs some money to unlock these gadgets. It’s nice to know that we can do it for free in house. Thanks

  2. On my MIO MOOV 500 there is in Program Files/MioMap/appstartupsec.ini no line that says
    ProcessFile=Program Files/MioMap/MioMap.exe that I can change ?!

    1. Ton, paste the contents of your appstartupsec.ini here so I can take a look at it

  3. Sava,
    it reads as follows:


    1. Then you should take a look at :

      or just change


      ProcessFile=\\..\\My Flash Disk\\\\auto.exe

      Make sure you enter the right path to auto.exe just in case you didn’t copy the folder to the root of your GPS

  4. Thanks for that Sava, I will give it a try.
    Just another question here: actually I just want to run iGO 8.3.4 with Gurjon skin 6.15 om my MIO MOOV 500, just like it does so well on m MIO 268+.
    Is it possible just to ignore MioMap2008 completely and direct the MIO MOOV 500 straight to iGO.exe on the SD Card as it starts up by changing the two lines in appstartupsec.ini as follows ?
    ProcessFile=\\..\\SD CARD\IGO8\\iGO8.exe
    I understand that by doing so, I can not switch between MioMap2008 and iGO, but to be honest I don’t mind because I’m not very enthousiastic about MioMap2008.

    1. I wouldn’t recommend that. In case your iGo installation fails your GPS will try to start a broken application. It happened to me as well … I wanted to start iGo on my Moov 500 and it got jammed. I had to drain the whole battery ( played with the on/off/reset switch for about 2 hours ) and only after I was able to connect it to my computer with the USB cable and change the startup application from appstartupsec.ini

  5. OK, I’ll just unlock first then. It’s just that I don’t need all the features that come with it and just gonna use it to start iGO.
    You wouldn’t know another way to get that done, by using a sys.txt somewhere or something like that ?

    1. You can set iGo as your default GPS application and then set VisualGPS to start the default GPS application when it starts up. Check out and search for Autorun Default App and Folder icon lets you specify

  6. Yes, I’ll go for that, thanks. It just seems such a complicated U-turn to accomplish what I’m looking for and I’m surprisede there is not an easier way to get it done.

    1. as I said … the easiest way would be to edit appstartupsec.ini and put iGo as the default started application without unlocking … but it’s not safe.

  7. I installed the IGO8 as the default application in my MIO MOOV 500 the IGO work fine but since this install The USB and my SD are not accessiable. (I.e I can’t access the flash memory from my PC nor be able to use the SD card, Just run the existing IGO8). I sent the GPS to the lab and was told that the board is damaged by the installation of the IGO8. And the have to replace the main board with a cost of about 85% of the original price!. I refiused and now I have the GPS working fine with my IGO8 but without the ability to update or change anything. I am looking for a way to perform a hard reset or at least to be able to use my usb and access the GPS from my pc. Thanks in advance for any help with the above.

    1. You have to play with the On/Off switch until you drain it’s battery. Do this until the screen doesn’t light up when you switch it on. After that connect the USB cable to it and it should be able to connect.
      Read this comment as well:

      1. HI Sava, I have the same problem – I drained the battery as you adviced but after connecting to PC I still cannot see my Mio connected… When I connected Mio to PC it started again with iGo… 🙁
        Any idea how to fix this?

  8. Like Ton said, inmy MIO MOOV 500 there is in Program Files/MioMap/appstartupsec.ini –> processmgr.ini see detail below
    config1 = 0,3000,1267,
    callsetting = \My Flash Disk\Program Files\Settings\Settings.exe,1,
    restorereg = -SetSetting,
    apcall00 = \My Flash Disk\Program Files\MainShell\MainShell.exe,,1,0,0,2000,
    mioid = \My Flash Disk\Program Files\MainShell\MioID.dll,

    msg00 = 0,1046,0,0,\Windows\USBScreen.exe,,0:3317::,196900,
    msg01 = 0,1058,0,0,,500,0:3309::,512,
    msg02 = 0,1048,0,0,,500,,20,

    lowbatt = 3,20,1,\My Flash Disk\Program Files\System\BatteryMsg.exe,,BatteryMsg,6,3312,0,,
    criticalbatt = 0,3,1,\My Flash Disk\Program Files\System\BatteryMsg.exe,,BatteryMsg,6,3312,1,,

    then I change apcall00 = \My Flash Disk\Program Files\MainShell\MainShell.exe,,1,0,0,2000, –> \\My Flash Disk\\\\auto.exe
    Then restart –> start to install Visual GPS shell….after a few second ——–preparing to start — creating screen —then HALT/ STOP no response…..Pls advised
    I’m used MIO MOov S500 (Korean version)
    Pls advise me, thx

    1. on taiwanese Moov 500:
      * open \My Flash Disk\Program Files\System\processmgr.ini in editor
      * change the original line to:
      apcall00 = \My Flash Disk\\auto.exe

  9. slava, it is working fine but for some reason i can’t make the IGO8 work with it. in what folder should i put the files?

    1. You should check iGO settings (a text file called sys.txt)and see what folder it should be located.

  10. can someone pls tell (write) me hot to install (step by step) an iGO (*.x..) on mio 500? Or is there a tutorial already made somewhere? Thanks for supporting a novice/dummy…

  11. I forgot to mention: i want to install iGo on a SD card

    1. You have to check your iGo settings file called sys.txt

      Change :


      app=”\\Storage Card\\iGo”

      to your correct path

  12. Hey guys, I got my mio moov 500 in South Africa, does anybody know how to get USA maps? I tried customer support but neither USA or SA were able to help.

    Thanks !!!!

  13. Hello , Sava.
    It’s realy wonderful to see someone sharing his knowledge so generously as You do.
    And so , I also need some help.
    On my Mio Moov 500 I do not see newly installed maps using miomap 2008 ,though the process went fine. Regardless whether the target is flash or SD.
    Thanks for helping in advance.


  14. I have installed VisualGPS on a mio moov s505 / Spirit and it boots ok, however when I try to run IGO 8.3 it hangs on the INIT screen, any ideas what went wrong ?
    PS I can run other applications that came with the VisualGPS install.


    My PocessMgr.ini file:

    config1 = 0,3000,99443,
    heartbeat = 500,5,,,
    apcall00 = \My Flash Disk\Program Files\MioMap\PLUGINS\FMT\Bin\FMtransmitter.exe,-h,0,1,1,1000,
    apcall01 = \Storage Card\Navigation\Navigation.exe,,2,0,2,2000,
    apcall02 = \\My Flash Disk\\IGO8\\igo8.exe
    [apcall02 = \My Flash Disk\\auto.exe]
    scrsavconf = 31,2000,,,

    msg00 = 0,1046,0,0,\Windows\USBScreen.exe,,0:3317::,196896,
    msg01 = 0,1058,0,0,,500,0:3309::,512,
    msg02 = 0,1048,0,0,,500,,20,

  15. Dear Sava,

    I got a tanwainese moov 500 and tried to intall the visual GPS by following steps:
    #1 Copy the following 3 folders to my GPS to the parent directory : Visual, and Visual.ins.
    #2 Open Program Files/MioMap/appstartupsec.ini in a text editor and change the line:
    ProcessFile=Program Files/MioMap/MioMap.exe to
    ProcessFile=\\..\\My Flash Disk\\\\auto.exe
    # Safely remove GPS, remove the USB cable and turn it on.

    After i sellected the time zone: GMT+8, the process halted on “IMPORTING REGISTRY…” for 2hrs ~

    what can i do for this problem?

    Thank you,

  16. very nice indeed! But how do I enter coordinates into my mio moov 500? I’ve tried everything but nothing works?

  17. fist of all, thanks for this article, very helpful.

    i’ve just installed igo8.3 on my mio moov 500, but the it’s not full screen resolution. is this normal?

    thanks again,

  18. Hi Sava,

    I have applied your unlock to MIO Moov v505 tv,
    direct run from flash drive. Everything loaded fine and
    press arrow to start screen is on. Unfortunately when I
    press the arrow nothing happens. It seems that when I press
    on the screen the device does not recognize it.

    I hope you can help me with this.

    Here is the file:


    ProcessFile=\\..\\My Flash Disk\\\\auto.exe

    ProcessFile=Program Files\Screen Saver\VideoShow.exe

    ProcessFile=Program Files\MioTV\MioTV-DVBT.exe

    ProcessFile=Program Files\MioMediaPlayer\MioMediaPlayer.exe
    DefaultCmdLine=AUD VID

    ProcessFile=Program Files\Navman\DataManager\DataManager.exe

    1. Read the documentation on

  19. Is the unlock software working on S600 series ?
    I want to unlock a Mio Moov S600 and I am trying not to do something wrong.

    1. I am not sure

  20. For several weeks I searched how to unlock my GPS device, unfortunately I could not, however, in the forums, I learned many words in French, and Polish (hahaha). Fortunately (for me), I found your site and followed your directions, even so, I am stuck !!!!!!. Please, help me. Another problem is that two executable files accidentally deleted (and miomap destinator).
    Is there any way to do a hard-reset?
    How do I unlock a Mio GPS Moov 560 device?
    PD. Happy and prosperous New Year.

    1. Try draining the battery completely by playing around with the reset switch. Make sure the screen doesn’t light up … play until it’s completely dead. Maybe this could fix your problem … but I’m not that sure.
      You should google around for those executables … maybe somebody uploaded them on the internetS 😀

  21. Hi Sava, would you help me? I have a Mio Moov 500 with navman, may I use VisualGps?

    1. It should work. Check out to read more

  22. Hi Sava!!!
    I did a big mistake while unlocking me Mio Moov s505.

    After I installed the ‘Visual GPS’ and copied the relevant files into my Mio, I found out that there is no such file as ‘appstartupsec.ini’ in ‘Program Files/MioMap’ directory.
    I searched for other *.ini files, and the only file that I have found was ‘Spirit.ini’.
    It contains:



    StreetFontEnlarge = 6
    auto_zoom_max = 12
    auto_zoom_min = 1




    I chenched the line ‘MapDir=…’ to ‘MapDir=\\..\\My Flash Disk\\\\auto.exe’ as you wrote.
    Unfortunately, my Mio doesn’t starts up any more.
    (I don’t ermember the original pass).

    What can I do???
    Please help me!!!!


  23. Hi everyone!!!
    May someone that have the same model of Mio as me, write me the original unlocked pass???

    Thank you!

    1. Copy folder to the root of your SD Card.

      * Depending on your device, rename folder on SD card as specified:

      * Spirit S400/S410: SEEKER_400
      * Spirit S500/S505: SEEKER_T500
      * Spirit S555 : SEEKER_T520

      i.e. \Storage Card\SEEKER_400

      Note: filenames are case-sensitive!!!

  24. I have a Moov 500. I can run all the three Visual folders from the unit. The old MioMaps software had plenty of free space left over. Unfortunately, when I update the MioMaps to the latest version, I only have 67 meg of space left in the unit. My 4gig SD card has about 800 meg of free space. What should I do next? Run all VisualGPS from the SD or slim down the Visual shell folder? Any suggestions will help.

    1. You could delete the wallpapers and stuff like that

  25. Hi sava

    i have installed the visual and it is working great.

    i just can not install the igo8 software properly. i can not access the windows folders and run the application from there.

    can you please give me some more info about how to install the igo8?

    thanks a lot..

    1. The only trouble I encountered with iGo was an error saying that it cannot find the files. All I did was to edit sys.txt and place in the correct path to the iGo files. Try this and see if it works.

  26. Thank u for answering so quickly 🙂

    This is the sys file. What do u think i should changes?







    1. Hmm … it’s different from mine. You should see if there’s a readme in your iGO package. See what it says there or search google for your error

  27. This is great info. Thank you

  28. Hi can any one help, I have the Mio Moov V505 TV when i start it up it goes to the start-up screen then to the Accept or Decline screen i tap the Accept & then the timer starts going round & then stops just half way round & freezes… I have reloaded the software but still does the same.
    Can anyone help.
    Cheers in advance.