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Social SparkI signed up recently with SocialSpark. I didn’t write about it at first because I wanted to test it out. But only just 5 days I really believe it’s worth mentioning and sharing it with you guys as it’s a great place.

First of all – What is Social Spark ?

The most important thing in my opinion is that it is a community. Yes, a community. You have the chance to meet very good bloggers, talk to them or even share stuff with them ( Also read below about Sparks ). They also have a forum to share blogging ideas with others or discuss methods to improve your blogs. Everybody needs to learn new stuff. I’ve found some great infos there so don’t miss it out.
And I almost forgot to mention that other bloggers can vote ( Prop ) for your blog if they like it, add it to their favorites or post comments about your blog. Oh, did I say that you can also talk to the advertisers ? This way you’ll see the best result for your efforts: a Thank you.
Yes, an advertiser messaged me and thanked me for writing about his product.

Your profile page is awesome. A very neat design, with the possibility to edit your avatar just the way you like itr, receive comments, tips, opinions about you or your blogs and show off your favorite blogs and friends.
Every action has a reaction – you show up your friends and they will show you also on their profile page so you get more exposure.

Take a look at just a part of my profile page:

My SocialSpark Profile

You just can’t get a better avatar than that 😛

Now comes the fun part – yes … the fun part. I’m not blogging for money, I blog because I want to. What’s wrong if you can make some extra cash with it to ?
Browsing through their marketplace you can view 3 types of offers:


Sponsored posts

You guessed it. You will get paid to review a website or a product. Price varies between 5$ and $25 at the moment. Not to much I know but … yes there is a but 😀 : if your review is very good you might end up with a bonus as well. Just to make you a little more curious … a little birdie told me just now that there is a $100 Bonus for a sponsored post.

Blog Sponsorship

This is the first time I saw this … really. You get paid per day to advertise other blogs or rick roll your users which is kinda fun. I don’t wanna say more about this … but I know I made you curious.


Sparks are the best feature of SocialSpark in my opinion. Not many bloggers can afford to advertise on other blogs, right ? Now you can exchange reviews with other bloggers. If you write about their blog they will write about your to. You probably heard of link exchange – this is post exchange ( can this be my trademark ? ).

So … you’ll get real opinions on your blog, a few backlinks because the website is 100% search engine friendly … which reminds me about their code of ethics.
The best thing for bloggers is that you won’t upset your readers by writing about a product because SocialSpark offers 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure – Look at the grey badge at the end of this post. Another great thing is that everybody is able to see your profile on SocialSpark – 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure.

They are also fun. When I received my first email from them I was told to relax, stretch or even take a shower. Another friendly advice from them was to wash behind my ears.
Thanks for the headsup 😛


Sponsored by SocialSpark

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