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eBooks are a waste of time

Trying to increase my earnings online as a hobby I read a lot of ebooks from different people. Let’s say I’ve read about 50-70 ebooks by now. From those e-books I gathered some good information. This good information came from a maximum of 2 ebooks. So … people … please stop writing bullshit over and […]

GPS for your children

I just saw on the news (you probably didn’t because you’re not from Romania) a woman that lost her child. After all the fuss and the police they found the baby … it was in her backyard. The woman will pay some money for that. I don’t know why … the police just did their […]

Circuit Board Mouse Pad

Here’s a fun and geeky (read: not very user-friendly) computer accessory for those who enjoyed the Circuit Board Cufflinks we covered earlier this month.   This mouse pad is made from a genuine recycled circuit board. Sounds good? Well – before you hit the Buy button, you might want to read the last part: Due […]

An useful blog – Max Web Design

Browsing the web I find a lot of good stuff written by good people. But today a blog caught up my eyes and my time. I spent about 2 hours reading through the posts Robert G and 3 more guys wrote on the blog for web design. When talking about a website I always start […]

Do you have any thoughts ?

Almost everyone has a blog these days to write their opinions on different stuff. But what really is a blog ? A blog is your personal diary, a space for co-operation, a place for your thoughts. I recently came upon the Free Blog from Thoughts. You can create a Free Blog or personal online journal […]

How does a programmer propose to his girlfriend?

By popping the question in a computer game, of course. Bernie Peng, a software engineer, rewrote part of his girlfriend’s favorite video game Bejeweled to hide the ring and propose to her. She said yes.   Normal people have used many things, from flower to food, to hide the ring in an effort to surprise […]

Why Computers Sometimes Crash! By Dr. Seuss

If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port, and the bus is interrupted at a very last resort, and the access of the memory makes your floppy disk abort, then the socket packet pocket has an error to report. If your cursor finds a menu item followed by a dash, and […]

Pimp your laptop – Motherboard design

Want to be a little different ? Do you wanna stand out 😀 ? Try this skin from GelaSkin made by Derek Prospero. You can check out the Laptop Tunning album if you wanna see some more pimped laptops. The skin can be bought for only $29.95 and it’s for 15” laptops.  

DX1 Input – Create you own keyboard

Keyboards are great, but for the hardcore gamer, they are far from perfect. Just think about how many times you’ve dreamed about moving the keys to fit your hand, or to make a key execute a string of commands. The DX1 Input System was built with you in mind. Simply put, all you do is […]

Gmail Redesigned

The Firefox extension Stylish allows you to easily load homemade stylesheets in your browser, to be applied to specific websites. These custom stylesheets are then able to change a couple of colors or font sizes… or deliver a full-featured redesign of an application. One such complete redesign is offered for Gmail by Globex Designs. Called […]