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Make Utopia Angel Work Under Ubuntu

I used to keep Windows on my home PC just for playing Utopia. Utopia is a medieval fantasy game played on the web directly through your browser – no downloads necessary. It is one of the most long-standing games online, and has been available to play for free since 1998. To make your life easier […]

Recover your Ubuntu account password

Today I installed Ubuntu in a friends PC. He is not new into computers but he wanted some pointers first on using Ubuntu. We went through all the install steps really quickly as he knows that sort of stuff. Because his keyboard is a lot different than mine I made a mistake when entering the […]

Dynamic Desktop For your Ubuntu Machine

To ease the use of your Ubuntu machine you can easily add shortcuts for your favorite programs just by moving your mouse cursor to every corner of the desktop. You can easily do this with Brightside. First .. let’s install it. Open up your terminal and type: sudo apt-get install brightside   After that run: […]

Hacking Pinball on Windows XP

Start a new game, then type hidden test. Nothing happened, right? Okay … go ahead and put your mouse over the Pinball window, click, and drag. Yeah, the ball is following the mouse, I know.Try pressing R. Yep, your rank just went up. Now press H. Uhuh, you just got to enter yourself on the […]

Hide files in JPG pictures

Did you know you can hide files in JPG pictures ? Well … you can ! 😛 Wanna know how ? Read the tutorialPlease let me know if it worked for you to by commenting hereThank you,Sava