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I used to keep Windows on my home PC just for playing Utopia.
Utopia is a medieval fantasy game played on the web directly through your browser – no downloads necessary. It is one of the most long-standing games online, and has been available to play for free since 1998.

To make your life easier some people decided to make the Utopia Angel. This neat program formats the data from your Utopia account so you can see only what’s important. You also have a military calculator to see if you can defeat the province you want to attack.

So as I said earlier, I used to keep a Windows partition on my home PC just for the sake of Utopia.

To make Utopia Angel work under Ubuntu you have to install Wine first:

sudo apt-get install wine

Now you can Download (43.59KB) ( 789 downloads ) this default Wine Config set, copy it to your home folder and extract it with:

tar xzf wine-config.tar.gz

That’s it. Go ahead and download Utopia Angel, run the installer, start it and enjoy.

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Comments 4 Responses to “Make Utopia Angel Work Under Ubuntu”

  1. Thank you! I’ve been looking for something like this for ages! Thank you!

  2. Hi,

    I tried this, and it seems to work on SoB and SoM, but it doesn’t seem to work with throne page or SoS. Any ideas why that might be?

    1. try going to Utopia Angel’s settings and uncheck Networth Table.

  3. Tried that, still no luck.