PostApril 2008 Income Report

April 2008 Income ReportAnother month has passed and it’s time to see if my website can support itself financially. And … surprize … it can even if my Page Rank went to 0 from 3 and after a day or two if got back up to a PR2. A lot of traffic came to the post If browsers were women. Thank you guys for liking it and sharing it with your friends.

So here it goes. This are the exact earnings for April 2008. Didn’t cashout anything yet … but trust me … I will

Google AdSense: $53.28

Bidvertiser: $9.24

Kontera: $8.69

Social Spark: $46.76

PayPerPost: $20

ReviewME: $55

Text-Link-Ads: $51

WidgetBucks: $12.41

Matched: 42 Pounds = $83.47

Private ad sales and donations: $32
Another income is from Sedo and I made EUR 23.90 which is about $37.25.

And the grand total for April 2008 is: $409.1
Other currencies were converted to USD today the 1st of May. When I cashout it all I hope the rates will go higher.

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