I can install these scripts for you FOR FREE. If you need any help on installing them or just some questions you can contact me. If you feel like donating I won’t say no to that 😉

You can view all available scripts demos at Sava’s Place » Demos

Sava’s ReviewMe New Offer Notifier

View demo No Demo | Download NEW

Sava’s Article Manager

View demo View demo | Download Download

Sava’s Simple Contact Form

View demo View demo | Download Download

Sava’s Simple CSS Switcher

View demo View demo | Download Download NEW

Sava’s Guestbook

View demo View demo | Download Download

Sava’s Guestbook v2.0

View demo View demo | Download NEWFeatures

Sava’s Link Manager

No Demo | Download

Sava’s Link Manager Version 2

View demo View demo | Download Download NEWFeatures

Sava’s Page Load Script

No demo | Download Download

Sava’s Simple Upload Script

No demo | Download Download

Sava’s Random Quote Display

View demo View demo | Download Download

Sava’s Metatag Generator

Create Metatags Create your Meta Tags

Sava’s Simple Redirect Script

View script source

Sava’s CSS Switcher

View script source

Sava’s Password Protect Script

View demo View demo | Download Download (User: you Password: yourpassword)

Sites using these scripts:

+ Travel Schmavel – Using Article Manager
+ – Using Links Manager v.20
+ Association of Irish Stage Technicians – Using Sava’s Links Manager
+ – Using Simple Upload
+ Coolistan – Using Article Manager
+ Queenz Software – Using Simple Contact Form

And of course I gotta say another thing
If you use any of these scripts on your web page feel free to contact me and submit your site so I know about it. This will also increase your Page Rank 😉
Please include your website, your name (if possible) and the script or scripts that you are using.

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Comments 38 Responses to “Scripts”

  1. The guestbook’s great and is Easy to use.Thanks mate,will be using it for our school’s site

  2. well you got a nice collection of useful scripts.. Im gonna use some of that scripts… thanks bro

  3. Thx for the script

  4. well you got a nice collection of useful scripts.

  5. Good collection, I should say.
    Are they licensed as CC ??

  6. Thanks a lot, i am starting a matrimonial website,and your scripts will really help me in coding……thanks…..

  7. Hi Sava, you sure have a ton of available scripts. Wondering though since I’m using the “check do/no follow” addon using Firefox how you’d pass pr if the comments, etc., on your blog all are appearing (with this addon) to be no follows? There’s a reason for my asking 🙂

  8. Okay, sorry I stand corrected. It’s not that your comments aren’t passing it along, but the list of urls using your scripts. You can delete both these comments if you want. Which brings me back to my original intention…

  9. Diane, the links in the comment area are nofollow. The ones in the “Sites using these scripts” area are do follow.

    Thank you for the comments 😀

  10. wow…really a nice site…i’ve search for hours for a guessbook that could help my site and I finally found it here:D:)

    really helped me… thanks a lot!

  11. that link manager script (v2), it is great, really rocking..
    thanks a lot…

  12. Most of the scripts online have a hidden traps … But yours seems to be perfect 🙂 Thanks, i’ve downloaded 2-3 of them and just now using one 🙂 Keep the good work!

  13. looks nice. thanks for sharing


  14. Thanks for sharing.

  15. No demo no download ….
    I was happy to find such simple script (image uploader) at hotscripts .. but if there is no demo then I cannot have a general idea first ..

    I think that you need to review that.

  16. Thanks for the scripts, it helped me

  17. Excellent work, it took a few minutes to figure out how to log out, but then it worked very well.

  18. Nice guestbook

  19. These are really useful scripts, thanks. One problem though, your password script doesn’t work. I cannot log in! It say’s: $LOGIN_INFORMATION = array(
    ‘sava’ => ‘sava’,
    ‘you’ => ‘yourpassword’

    But which one do i edit sava and you (reading downwards) or sava and yourpassword? Neither way works.

  20. Nice site Layout as well as nice scripts

  21. Hi Sava, great scripts as always, but just to point out that your downloads don’t work too well. Can’t download the style switcher for example, it just takes me back to your home page, and for example when i tested the download above it, it initially worked but tthe second time i tried it, it did the same as the style switcher, took me to your home page.

  22. Sava, I keep trying to download Sava’s Password Protect script, and the link just sends me to your main page. What is the correct link?


  23. SO DO I!!!

    No demo no download ….
    I was happy to find such simple script (image uploader) at hotscripts .. but if there is no demo then I cannot have a general idea first ..

    I think that you need to review that.

  24. Guess the WordPress update screwed up my downloads plugin. I edited all the links and the downloads should be working fine now.

  25. Sava’s Simple Upload Script ! i want download it :(! where`s the link?

    1. oops, my bad. I edited the download link for the upload script. I also tested all the links and they all work now.

  26. No they dont.
    Sava’s Simple Upload Script is on the link of page load… and why don’t you use zip / rar??
    Simple Upload Script contains a file with no extention at all…

    i think you messed up youre link page.

  27. Great scripts you have here !

    What good about the that they are simple easy and acttualy works !

  28. Regarding Link Manager 2:

    The groupid field in the links_content table is not inserted on submit.
    When I check in phpMyAdmin there is only “0” in the field. This causes the link not to be shown on the front page even if there are several approved links in the database. Could you please make a patch for this?

    Also, I think the files are switched around on the download page, so that one will get the old version when downloading the new and vice versa (the new package “links 2” contains the old files from 2006).

    Thank you for providing these quality scripts for free!

    1. I think your going to have to fix it yourself, does not seem like SAVA responds to this any longer lets see. I wrote months ago I basically rewrote the code myself as there are many bugs I found.

      Works great now.

      1. I am going to fix the bugs today. I work now so I don’t have that much time to keep up with

  29. Hello Daniel and sorry for the late reply.
    I will rewrite the whole script when I have the time and will post an update.

  30. I really need help creating a random quote generator in HTML for my wordpress blog. If you could help can you please email me at and I can give you the info for the site?

    Thank you sooo so much!

    1. You can just include the php file in your wordpress template.

      upload the script somewhere on your server. edit sidebar.php from your wordpress theme and put this code:

      < ?php include('quotes.php'); ?>

      and make sure you enter the correct path to the file

  31. Thanks a lot for sharing these all download files. Sava`s Guest Book is my favorite one!

  32. Ok man the links 2 script re-code overall is nice, but I think I have found some bugs … if you go to your demo I ran the same test first I submitted some links. now on first post they are disabled so admin can validate them, thats fine so I tried to enable them and then disabled them again to simulate removing a site temporarily. now what happens is although it does not show up in the live links list via admin as we moved them, the disabled links still show on the front end, have a look in your demo click all links under cat MY Websites look at link count.

    Also it seems that when someone submits a link via the front end no groupid is set. this then prevents you from knowing what cat the visitor actually submitted the link to.

    This also yields another small bug the drop down needs to know what cat the visitor submitted to on both for 2 reasons if we edit a link it will just default to the first selection in the drop down when what we want is the correct cat to be auto selected by matching our group ids plus same prob when moving cats it does not show what we originaly had as sticky in our drop. I fixed the double selection in the pending drop down that now works as it should.

    Please do contact me I have written you and I have extensively bug tested this script and have some mods I did as well we can discuss.

    Again overall great little script just needs some refining,


  33. Hi,

    Just to say Thank You, Sava. I’m using file uploader and password protection and they seem to be working fine. I hope they are secure also.. 😉 In the password script at first it seems there is no way to log out, but it’s there. IIRC it was just by adding link to ?logout…
    Thanks again.