Idiot Test

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Comments 10 Responses to “Idiot Test”

  1. This really is a stupid test. But it’s fun :))

  2. Great !!!! Though I missed out on the lightest blue square.Is it made in powerpoint?Great stuff Indeed and can I host it later?

  3. haha.. Really nice test.. we can test our friends attention by this coz if anyone play this without attention on this game he can not go so far..

  4. I have applied for this test twice but failed both the times :p

  5. Nov-Dec 2006? I guess the release date can change.

  6. I’m a border-line idiot for now !!
    I’ll get back to it later.

  7. Fun times.

  8. it’s more a memory test, but very entertaining doe…..

  9. this is cool idiot test…funny

  10. cool and impressive. I thought what i must to do on the last button, i was between being idiot and my concern. 🙂