PostA Day On The Internet

Some of us never realize how huge the internet really is. Take a look at a few statistics for an average day on the internet and see how big the numbers are.







Over 210 billion emails are sent out daily which is more than a whole year worth of letters in the US.










3 million photos are uploaded on Flickr everyday – enough images to fill a 375,000 page photo album.









43,339,547 GIGABYTES are sent across all mobile phones globally everyday which is enough to fill 1.7 million Blu-Ray Discs, 9.2 million DVDs, 63.9 trillion 3.5″ diskettes.










$145 million is made from all mobile services daily and $13 million is generated from mobile video games.










700,000 new members are added on FaceBook everyday (the aproximate population of Guyana) and 45 million status updates are being recorded daily.










5 million tweets per day












and bloggers post 900,000 new articles everyday …






And there you have it – the average day on the internet.

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Comments 2 Responses to “A Day On The Internet”

  1. Useful information- may I use this for a business presenation? Proper credit back to you & your site, of course.

    1. Sara J,
      You can post this wherever you want. I got it as a forward in my email (it was a photo) without any credits info and this is why I did not link back to any page.