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Chromium Browser Everybody likes Google Chrome, right ? Well, now you can have Chromium on Ubuntu as well.

But first, let’s clarify something: Chromium is an open source browser project. Google Chrome is a browser from Google, based on the Chromium project. Right now Google’s browser is only available on Windows.

I know I installed Windows on my home PC just to try out Google Chrome and I loved it. It’s speed is amazing (in my opinion it’s faster than Firefox and Opera). Now we can use Chromium on Ubuntu as well.
Enough with the chit-chat. Time for some installing.

First you need to add the repositories. Open a terminal and copy paste the commands below:

Open /etc/apt/sources.list for editing

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

and add these 2 lines at the bottom of it:

deb intrepid main
deb-src intrepid main

Save the file and close it. Now open a terminal again and add the repository key to your apt keyring:

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 4E5E17B5

Now you’re ready to install Chromium. Just 2 more commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

After everything is complete just go ahead and open Applications -> Internet -> Chromium Browser. If you see something like this:

About Chromium

you did everything correctly and you’re ready to enjoy Chromium’s speed.

Here’s Sava’s Place loaded rapidly on Chromium:

Savasplace on Chromium

I’m not sure but I think that it’s the best browser even if it’s still in development.

Note: if you want to enable plugins ( flash player etc. ) use

chromium-browser --enable-plugins

in a terminal.

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