PostBen Heck’s Xbox 360 Laptop

Ben Heckendorn – a true geek god amongst men – is back with revision 5 of his portable Xbox 360 console.

Ben Heck's Xbox 360 Laptop

Though he’s gutted the same Gateway 1775W laptop with 17-inch (1280 by 720) display, he writes that this design is from scratch, and has the following new features:

  • Built-in Ethernet port
  • Built-in WiFi adapter
  • Digital pushbutton volume control rather than a clunky knob. Different, better sounding audio amp
  • Flush-mount DVD door and side panels (such as the memory card slots)
  • IR sensor for the remote control.
  • Two user USB ports
  • More air holes
  • Jasper motherboard

Check out the video for more

Thank [ CrunchGear ]

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Comments 4 Responses to “Ben Heck’s Xbox 360 Laptop”

  1. 😀

    good laptop.. better than my acer aspire :((

  2. xbox 360 laptop that’s awesome.
    I have read details on some other news that there’s a better bracket to hold the fans so it will help in cooling gazette.

  3. Even though im a PC gamer,i’ve gotta admit – this does look nice.

  4. nice!
    how do i get one and whats the cost?