PostIncrease Your Fortune With The TradeMonster

TradeMonster Maybe you’ve read one of my earlier posts – The Trade Monster – and you did not try it yet. Well, I want to convince you ( in case I didn’t earlier ) that Trade Monster really is worth trying.

It is one of the best … no it is the best online trading platform of our time. Why ? Because it was started by 3 trading veterans and respected investment industry experts – Jon Najarian, Pete Najarian, and Dirk Mueller – which all have more than 20 years of experience cultivating financial and technology driven businesses.

I remember that a while back I tried a trading platform and as I said it did not even have a css file attached to it’s html code. The page was really messy and I didn’t understand anything there so I gave up. TradeMonster comes with a clean, easy to read layout and offer a very customizable trading platform.

You can open a free Paper Trading account ( a stock market trading simulator ) and test things out without spending any money.

What I like is that they also offer charts which are the best for comparing deals. Real time streaming data, drag and drop functionality, a library of instructional articles/courses, trading tools and their free Paper Trading Account will surely make you try them.


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Comments 4 Responses to “Increase Your Fortune With The TradeMonster”

  1. Thanks. It’s a good article.I would like to try trademonster especially free trading platform.
    I was searching trading platform to have ssome experience with the trading. It may help me.

  2. so this is something like FAP, you can use it on the forex market, right?

  3. Thanks for the information, I was second-guessing with their service but after reading your post I am almost sure they are for me.

    I honestly think they are some of the better websites (regarding the topic or situation) of our time. Nice share.

  4. Doesnt sound like my kinda thing, but a nice program