PostDo you feel safe ?

Really, how many of you feel safe in their own house ? How many of you were burglered and found yourself without your big screen TV and playstation ? 🙂
And I bet some of you have some sort of security system installed in your home. This is why I suggest you get a better wireless security system from .


I recommend their Copper Package because it’s the most affordable home security package available. You will get a talking control panel, one motion detector, an internal siren, 1 yard sign, a door chime and 3 windows decals. Of course you’ll get the user’s manual and an installation dvd.

The motion detector should be installed either in the most common living area or a central hallway in your home and the window decals at your outside doors.
You can get more sensors if you have a bigger home with more outside doors and windows because most break-ins occur through an outside door or window.

If you’re planning to buy some other package or you just aren’t sure what package is the best for your home you can call this toll free number [ 877-470-2751 ] and get some more information. You will also get 2 key chain remotes with your order if you call the number.


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Comments 9 Responses to “Do you feel safe ?”

  1. I feel safe in my house, not that much lately though. Thank God, I’ve never been robbed, but neighbours of mine have, so I’m thinking of getting a security system. Your suggestion seems good so I might try it.

  2. Indeed we do not,though we never have been robbed.Yes,we do have caretakers to protect us,but how can an unarmed person protect against a band of armed men?

    Just over a year ago,we had such a case in our locality where the thief happened to be a maid.So,trust did’nt pay off but it could have led to a death as she wildly swung a blade at the house owner.Luckily for them,she could’nt run away but was caught.

    I feel that instead of installing machines and stuff,It’d be better if we used our common senses and locks.Because no matter what you use,Nothing beats common sense.

  3. we was robbed a long time ago
    i think the safer way to be safe is to lok your hous very well wen you leav and be awar from neighbours they are the first suspect on robbing your hous
    instaling such security on ah ous depend of the valut of what is in the hous so if you have something that you realy want to protect it you realt need to instal that security otherwise just lock your hous very well

  4. Better buy a big big dog.

  5. We’ve been robbed once, and it was quite tragic. They messed up my whole closet! 🙁 But since we’ve moved, I feel a little safer in this location because we have security on the house and a neighborhood patrol.

  6. we are a lot of people that live in my family, we also have a big and agressive dog that protect us all the time, anyway here there aren’t much robbers.

    The worst thing that happened to use was that a guy robbed us 50€.

  7. Yeh, I have been robbed before, but they took the food in the kitchen, no appliances, nothing. We guys did get a home security system and it’s pretty good. The features of this Wireless secutiry system are waay much better. I’m gonna check out the package.

    Thanks for the great post.

  8. I’ve always been worried about being robbed, but have never really taken actions. This has really opened my eyes and it seems like a great solution to the problem, I will be having a look at this amazing package.

  9. I feel safe at home yes we do have security systems but the country where i am living is under a constant attack by Taliban we get blast everyday and hundreds of innocent people die in those blasts i have seen one from my own eyes to tell u it takes away your life and its just unexplainable.