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Sony is looking for testers for their new unreleased product ?

There have been rumors of a PSP2 and PSP Phone have calmed down of late, they’re never truly dead. According to a fluent Japanese speaker translating a Sony Japan job listing for GameSpot, the company is on the hunt for an evaluator / assessor for a new game machine. More specifically, that elusive machine is […]

Release your inner Sherlock Holmes

You’ve seen movies where detectives really try hard to solve a murder. Most of the murders are true mysteries to me and would have never figured them out on my own. I really like the CSI movies. I watch them all the time. Wish I’d be a detective as good as them. Now you can […]

82-Inch 1080p Big Ass LCD Coming From Honeywell

Here’s a good reason to start saving for next fall’s Black Friday: HD Guru says Honeywell will sell an 82inch 1080p LCD in the US this year. Honeywell – better known for top secret government contracts – is really just licensing its all-American name to the Taiwan-based Soyo, who will be producing the 300-pound monster […]

LaCie d2 External Blu-ray Burner

Even though 8x media is still hard if not impossible to come by here in the States, Lacie’s new d2 external burner will be ready for it when it’s here. It’s $450, available now. Burn Blu-ray discs up to 8x Store up to 50GB of videos, files and other data on one disc Multi-format BD […]

Your Zune Will Never Get Stolen

Yep, even thieves know what’s good 😀

Tiny 3-Inch Cube Projects Giant 112 Inch Pictures

This Miseal mini projection cube measures less than 3-inches per side, but it still manages to create a 112-inch image within a 16-foot throwing distance. The resolution is just 800×600 (SVGA), and its LED bulb only puts out 25 lumens of brightness at a measly contrast ratio of 100:1. Stretch that image several diagonal feet […]

Do you know what the future holds ?

You probably don’t but here’s how you can get an ideea about it. I Prophesy: The Future Revealed is a new flash game created by Secret Location. The idea of the game is great. There are three teams in the game: The Spero, The Mirada, and The Fatum. They all have different views on how […]

LG Arena KM900 Press Photo Leaked

Of course, it’s a tease, they don’t even mention the name of the device and are mum about specs. Still, from the earlier leaks it’s pretty obvious that we are seeing LG KM900 handset here. The picture even includes the shot of that new S-Class innovative 3D interface. Thanks [ Unwired ]

Samsung Acme i8910 Is Loved by Coyotes Everywhere – Beep Beep

The Samsung Acme i8910, a smartphone that-according to these allegedly leaked pictures-seems to be quite slim. I comes loaded with a ton of features too: 8 megapixel camera 8 or 16 GB storage Front videoconferencing camera HDMI output GPS DNLA compatible Supports DivX High definition video recording Stereo Out Wi-Fi Nobody knows how much it […]

Do you have all you need to “paintball” ?

Me and my friends wanna go out and have some fun paintballing. I never wear stuff other people have warn. This is why I was looking around for some paintball gear. I heard that Tippmann make some of the best paintball gear out there, and Ultimate Paintball has a huge tippmann stock. So if you’re […]