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Internet Lies Translated

Coming Soon: I don’t know when, probably never Free: Use it it for free now, we make you pay later, once you depend on it No strings attached: We know you distrust us for a good reason Copyright 2008: This site might be abandoned but runs a script that updates the year in the copyright […]

PIMP Your MP3 Player – MP3 player accessories from

Everybody has an MP3 player these days. Either you have an Apple ipod, Microsoft’s Zune, Creative Zen, Sansa, Dell or Iriver it’s still not enough. offers all kinds of accesories from neck straps, leather cases, stereo adapters, travel battery chargers, auto chargers to data cables. I just took a look at their apple ipod […]

Fannie May Chocolate

We all like sweets right ? And yes … especially chocolate. Is it just me or are you drooling just looking at this picture ? Would you like the finest chocolate ? Well … it’s just a click away. Fannie May has the finest chocolate on the planet. Just look at their Fathers Day chocolate. […]

Before and after marriage

If you remember the pics posted a while ago on the same theme and you like ’em then you’ll surely love this. Before marriage He: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait. She: Do you want me to leave? He: No! Don’t even think about it. She: Do you love me? He: Of […]

The SmartPen from Livescribe

Have you ever had the need to take notes at a meeting or in class only to get hopelessly lost in the middle of the conversation? Afterwards, you question what you wrote and wonder if you got the details correct. In some cases, the solution to this problem would be to record the entire meeting […]

Basic Car Loans

Basic Car Loans provides simple, online car loan services for all people in need of a new or used vehicle. Programs for both new and used Car Loans are available nationwide offering very low and competitive interest rates, in addition to financing for most all credit situations. Their customer base is extremely diverse, and ranges […]

Domino USB Thumb Drive

Check out this Domino USB thumb drive from designer Marcos Breder. Disguised as a domino piece, and each dot on the domino is 1GB of memory used. Pretty interesting, ha ?

Is that summer knocking at your door ?

Yep, it’s here alright. It’s time to stop stumbling, coding or designing. We all need to get out of the house and especially of that chair you have in front of your monitor, keyboard and mouse. With so much time spent in the darkness your eyes with hurt once you see the light again. OpticsPlanet […]

Mac vs. PC

It will never fall on it’s side. Nobody dies on a Mac thanks to our innovative training iWeels. It will always have a steady speed and it doesn’t let you customize it so you don’t ruin it. All Macs are identical and all include the minimalistic, trendy design which makes up for the price. This […]

MP100 Liquid Crystal On Silicon Projector

The MP100 from Honlai Technology uses liquid crystal on silicon micro-projection technology LCoS. It’s similar to the way a DLP projector works, but it uses liquid crystals instead of individual mirrors. While the MP100 is small enough to sit in your hand, it can reportedly produce a projected image between 5 to 37 inches in […]