PostMarch 2008 Earnings Report

As I stated in one my of previous posts [ Recommended Money Makers ] I stated that a website is able to support itself financially. If you read the post already you probably thought that I just like eating shit.


Well … I really dislike shit 🙂 . Keep on reading and see the proof that A website really can support itself financially.

But first I have to mention again that I am not an internet guru or millionaire, and this is not a show off, it’s just proof that a website can support itself financially.

Google AdSense: $39.46

Bidvertiser: $15.04

WidgetBucks: $21.59

Text Link Ads: $34.16

ReviewMe: $21

Kontera: $4.03 (but I think that Kontera has been live for about 3-4 days in March)

Private sales and donations: $38

Total: $131.25

Considering I pay only $10 per month for hosting that leaves me with $121 to spend on stuff.

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