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New updates

If you wanna sign up you will notice the password meter. This tool is just awsome and I am very proud I have it on my website. Check it out at Create an account And of I added smoothbox also … if you wanna post a comment … you will see that the comment form […]

Sorry for the downtime

But it looks like I ran out of bandwith. I see this like a good thing … this means my website is popular … I guess 😉

I sold the Computer Pranks once

And a miracle just happened 😀 When I read my e-mail today … I saw that somebody sent me 1$ via e-gold for the Computer Pranks I have for saleI do not know why I am happy

All done :D

Well … the nameservers are ok again, new theme works perfectly all done. Stay tuned for more scripts 😀 P.S. What do you think of the new theme 😀

Moving again

As QuotaLess doesn’t allow image galleries anymore (as you can see if you click on GFX at the right you will get the index page…. I don’t want my account to get banned until I manage to backup everything )… I’ll move the site again.I don’t know why they made this decision … but they […]

Some script updates

I didn’t have much time to be online these days, but I realised that Turbocharged_06 inserting javascript alerts in the guestbook demo and also in the articlemanager demo.I disabled html posting in the demo for the article manager and also disabled html from the guestbook. This means that users can’t post anymore bulls**t and say […]

Site back up with a new layout

After about 3 hours of hard work the site has a new layout …I think it’s more accesible then the old one … and I really like it 😀 What do you guys and girls think about it ?

Spam Spam Spam

Well … after a lot of time since I’ve been online … I found about 700 entries in my guestbook. I’m glad the entries don’t show up until they are aprooved. I’ve had a lof of spam from Britney Spears ( who I’d like to thank for visiting my website) 😉 and of course spam […]

You bored ?

If yes … then why don’t you try to beat me and X and 0 ? The winner get’s a beer from the looser 😀

New page added – Tutorials

I’ve added some pretty cool tutorials on how to make your computer great 😀 Don’t worry there are just 3 tutorials … but more will come Hope I will have the time to finish another 2 scripts for you people 😉