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GuestBook v2.0 Updates

After a lot of emails asking for help on installing and making the GuestBook v2.0 work I decided to update it’s code so that it will work on any server and not depend on register_globals anymore. And yeah … now it doesn’t which means that all you have to do is to upload it, run […]

Magento – Open Source Ecommerce

Magento is an ecommerce platform on PHP which is quite feature rich. This platform is based on the Zend Framework. You can take a look at a Magento store and the admin demo over at their demo section.   The minimum system requirements for getting onto Magento is PHP 5.2.1with a few mandatory extensions and […]

How does a programmer propose to his girlfriend?

By popping the question in a computer game, of course. Bernie Peng, a software engineer, rewrote part of his girlfriend’s favorite video game Bejeweled to hide the ring and propose to her. She said yes.   Normal people have used many things, from flower to food, to hide the ring in an effort to surprise […]

New Script – ReviewMe offer notifier

Hello guys, Not sure how many of view are members of ReviewMe but you will surely like my newest script. The ReviewMe Notifier reads your ReviewMe new campaign feed and emails you if there are any new offers. This way you would never miss out an opportunity to make some extra cash for writing on […]

New Script – GuestBook v2.0

This isn not just an update … it is a whole new script with a different way of coding and more security features such as a captcha image. Features:———————————————————————-New simple layout will easy on the eye colors The entries submitted will stay pending untill the admin approves them.Image captcha Pagination system– the GuestBook will display […]

Sava’s Link Manager v. 2

Yesterday I received a request to add some new features to the Links Manager and I did.You can view the new features, look at a demo or download it from the scripts page. Hope you like it.

Contact form update

Added captcha to the Simple Contact form. As always you can see a demo before you download it. Click here to see the demo and try it. Note: the demo will not send any e-mails, it will store the data in a text file. Enjoy

Highslide rulz

After using Highslide on Babydoll … I realised that it just looks to good 😀 so I said … why not .. let’s put it on Sava’s Place to.

Contact form script

I’ve received several e-mails from people asking me about the script I use for my contact form. A similar one has been added for all of you to download and use on your websites.You can preview it or download it from the scripts page.

New script added – Password Protect

I’ve added a new script for you to use. It’s password protect script which will allow you to put a password on a page from your website (so that the wrong eyes don’t see it’s contents) 😀 You can view it’s demo.Demo Login: youDemo Password: yourpassword P.S. 😀 I’ve added a demo for the Random […]