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LG Arena KM900 Press Photo Leaked

Of course, it’s a tease, they don’t even mention the name of the device and are mum about specs. Still, from the earlier leaks it’s pretty obvious that we are seeing LG KM900 handset here. The picture even includes the shot of that new S-Class innovative 3D interface. Thanks [ Unwired ]

Samsung Acme i8910 Is Loved by Coyotes Everywhere – Beep Beep

The Samsung Acme i8910, a smartphone that-according to these allegedly leaked pictures-seems to be quite slim. I comes loaded with a ton of features too: 8 megapixel camera 8 or 16 GB storage Front videoconferencing camera HDMI output GPS DNLA compatible Supports DivX High definition video recording Stereo Out Wi-Fi Nobody knows how much it […]

New Motorola Touchscreen Talker

Could this be the latest iPhone killer? The touchscreen mobile market has expanded yet again, following Motorola’s introduction of the MotoSurf A3100. Described as a touch tablet, the device runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 but has a customisable home screen layer that can be personalised to provide everything from weather updates and news to calendar […]

The Cellphone Gun

The Italian Police have uncovered a cellphone gun in a recent raid on the Italian Mafia. The gun holds 4 bullets (.22 caliber) and is loaded when the keypad is slided side to side. The gun barrel is hidden in the fake cellphone antenna, and it is fired when a button is pressed on the […]

5 Ways Google’s Android Beats the iPhone (and 5 Ways It Doesn’t)

Google is hoping to transform cellphones the way it did the Web, beginning with its first Android phone, the new T-Mobile G1. But if Google really wants to dominate the mobile market, it will have to prove that it can out-do (or get third parties like HTC to out-do) Apple’s iPhone, the market leader when […]

The Sony Ericsson W960i – The Unsurpassed Master Of Music

It’s been no the market a while, now, but the Sony Ericsson W960i is still the king of music! The rise of the music mobile phones It seems inevitable, now, that music mobile phones would become so vastly popular. When the first ones appeared, people were a little bit wary, a little bit unsure, but […]

Mooon+ Mobile Phone – Detachable Bluetooth Ear Piece

This sleek concept mobile phone design by Sunman Kwon has a detachable mouth piece which then turns into a bluetooth headset. The phone look great in my opinion You get the Earphone out … and voila … it looks awesome. Would love to have one of this.Thank you again Yanko