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Find Wireless Driver Chipset Information On Ubuntu

This is a simple tutorial to help you find the driver for your wireless card if you’re using Ubuntu or any other Linux distro.   The simplest command to get this information is to use the lspci command: lspci lspci | less lspci | grep -i intel lspci | grep -i wireless   Sample output: […]

Smaller Than An Apple-The Smallest Linux PC

Smaller Than An Apple-The Smallest Linux PC

Here’s a PC you can carry around. Too bad you still need wires, a keyboard, mouse and a monitor … but it’s nice :D. Specifications: 300 mhz atom 64MB of SDRAM external video connector supports 1280 x 1024 resolution. Flash memory card slot USB port Ethernet and a serial port. I know it’s not usable […]

Funny Unix Commands

% cat “food in cans” cat: can’t open food in cans % nice man woman No manual entry for woman. % rm God rm: God nonexistent % ar t God ar: God does not exist] % ar r God ar: creating God % “How would you rate George Bush’s incompetence? Unmatched “. % [Where is […]

Why open source rocks

I just found a cool video on YouTube. It’s a small tutorial on how to build your very own multi touch pad. All you need is a cardboard box, a sheet of paper and a glass, plexiglass prefered and a web camera. All you have to do is to put the web camera in box, […]

Linux and Microsoft Deal

Microsoft just announced that it will license digital media and instant messaging technology to Linspire Inc, a small desktop Linux distributor. This is just the last of many deals the company did in order to help the Windows OS work better with open-source software. The move is interesting because the two companies have not had […]