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Inside a working hard disk

Have you ever wondered how your data get’s accessed and deleted from your computer ? Most of us know why the HDD is in the computer but trust me … I know people that don’t know that. Here’s a short movie of a working hard drive and what it does exactly when you make something […]

Why are retards everywhere ?

I see a lot of retards every day. What really amazes me is that they don’t realise that they are retards. This pic made my day … please … take a look and a good laugh and thank God for retards   Amin

Fujitsu 256 Bit AES Drive

Although it may not be so well known in some markets, Fujitsu always produced good hard drives, and now they are releasing their first hardware-encrypted 2.5-inch drive, with the new MHZ2 CJ model. If you feel that someone’s watching you all the time and software data security is never enough, then I am sure you’ll […]

Nvidia 9800 GX2 Will Arrive Soon

The GeForce 9800 GX2 will become the new dream for gamers.With two revised G92 GPUs manufactured using the 65nm process under its hood, the 9800 GX2 will have a default speed of 600MHz for each core, and 2GHz for the memory. As expected, this new graphics monster will use a dual-slot cooling system, and will […]

AMD 45nm CPU coming up

CeBIT AMD 45nm quad-core processors has not still be ready to buy, but the manufacturer claims to have its working version in the lab on test machines. It re-iterated its plan to launch the CPUs in the coming months of the year.The destop edition is codenamed Deneb, a Socket AM3 conception that will ship as […]