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Sava’s ReviewMe Offer Notifier

Sava's ReviewMe Offer Notifier

With this scripts you can easily get the latest offers from ReviewMe directly to your email address. Script needs to be added as a cron job. If you don’t know how to set up a cron job read this article. No Preview | Download (4.72KB) ( 3132 downloads )

Sava’s Link Manager v2.0

Sava's Link Manager v2.0

Features Easy to use admin panel (edit/delete/add links) Cool display – can be integrated into any website Link counter – displays how many times a link was clicked Users are able to submit links themselves, but are shown only after admin approval Shows a links description also if you enter one so your visitors know […]

Sava’s Simple CSS Switcher

Sava's Simple CSS Switcher

Simple PHP script to change the css file of your website. It can handle unlimited number of css files. The users choice is stored in a session variable so the css theme won’t change until the user switches to another. Read me file included in the archive. With the script you can easily have more […]

w0w The Upload Script is Number 1

You can see below how many times my scripts have been downloaded. You can see that the Simple Upload Script is number 1 by far. Article Manager – 276 downloadsDirectory Script – 206 downloadsGuestbook Script –  438 downloadsLink Manager Script – 308 downloadLoad Load Time Script – 155 downloadsPassword Protect  Script – 13 downloads   […]