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Google Calendar – Free SMS Text Reminder

We all have important meetings to go to, birthdays or other miscellaneous stuff we don’t want to forget. Using Google Calendar you can get free SMS Text Reminders directly to your phone. Maybe a lot of you use it and receive email reminders. But not everybody can check their email 24/7. To set up SMS […]

The Easter Bunny is mean

Easter was great. A lot of barbeque, lamb, porc, fish and cake. All in my stomach now. Everything went just fine in the real life … but here on the internet … well … let’s just say Google got mean. Sava’s Place had a PR 3 …. and now it has a PR 0. Don’t […]

Gmail Redesigned

The Firefox extension Stylish allows you to easily load homemade stylesheets in your browser, to be applied to specific websites. These custom stylesheets are then able to change a couple of colors or font sizes… or deliver a full-featured redesign of an application. One such complete redesign is offered for Gmail by Globex Designs. Called […]

Google Funny Result

There have been a lot of funny Google searches shared by people … for example that one with George Bush being #1 result at FAILURE. This one is also nice 😀   You can view it live here.  

Google CIO Douglas Merrill Quits Becomes President of EMI

People within EMI are saying that they are lining up mainstream media exclusives for tomorrow either NY Times or WSJ and want to kill all blog coverage. More brain drain at Google. Google CIO Douglas Merrill quits and becomes the president of EMI. I just confirmed from a source that Douglas Merrill sent out an […]

Google likes my website

I just looked now in my Google Webmasters account to view some details about my website and it struck me.My first post about making money online [ Recommended Money Makers ] and I am ranked number 3 from 385.000 results on google. Hehe … I am better ranked than all those online marketers out there […]

Even Google Forgets

Today I wanted to login to my Google Webmasters account to see what is new with my website.And surprise … Google forgot to renew one of their SSL certificates. As you can see the SSL certificate expired today.Google please renew it so we can safely login and stuff while you make millions 😀

A new offering from Google Apps: Google Sites

Just received an email from Google about this. Google sites are just to cool. Here are some features:Single-click page creationCreating a new page for your Google Site just takes the click of a button. No HTML requiredCreating a Google Site is as easy as editing a document, which means there’s no markup language for you […]

Google Upgrades On-Premise Web Analytics Software

 Google on Friday released in beta an upgrade of its on-premises Web analytics software for organizations that prefer not to use the search engine’s online analytics service.ADVERTISEMENT Urchin Software is similar in scope to Google Analytics, but is made to run on an organization’s server, the company said. The new product is available for evaluation […]

Microsoft eyes Yahoo to topple Google

 SAN FRANCISCO – Unable to topple Google Inc. on its own, Microsoft Corp. is trying to force crippled rival Yahoo Inc. into a shotgun marriage, with a wager worth nearly $42 billion that the two companies together will have a better chance of tackling the Internet search leader.ADVERTISEMENT Microsoft’s audacious attempt to buy Yahoo, spelled […]