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Dress up like a police man

I really like how police man and especially special forces are dressed. Those tactical pants and just awesome. I always looked for pants, shoes or bags and I have to say I found them. And at a really good price too. LA Police Gear has an extremely fast shipping, low prices, and outstanding service. Just […]

JetFlash V20 64GB USB Flash Drive

Introducing the worlds largest USB flash drive! The company has stated that this remarkable piece of technology will make backing up, organizing, and sharing of files a breeze! The device comes with Transcend’s complimentary JetFlash elite data management tools to increase user friendliness as well as productivity when dealing with such large amounts of files. […]

Free Goth ChatRooms

When it’s said that Goths are drawn to the ‘dark’ side of life, what is meant is that mystery, irony, emotion, and beauty are what captures their attention. The concepts of antiquity, mortality, and religion they find alluring, hence the fixation with cemeteries, crucifixes, and ankhs. Usually intellectuals, they enjoy reading philosophy, various religious texts, […]

Hi Tech Spy Gadgets

Spy Camera Watch This is a beautiful watch with in built micro camera which looks very trendy and we can use as a casual wrist watch . This spy camera watch  has a storage capacity of 2 GB. The battery can be recharged using a USB port and data can be transferred to your PC […]

EMO Chat City

A lot of you have EMO friends right? They are sometimes lonely. Why not tell them about Emo Chat Rooms ? Registration and use are totally free, you can create your own profile, share what you like and what you dislike and of course you’ll get to chat with real people. Get on your webcam […]

Mythbusters GPU vs. CPU Demo

The idea is that a normal CPU processes things one at a time, like the single-paintball robot, and a GPU has parallel processors that can do (in this case) 1100 times the work in a single stroke. What do you think ?

Search Public Records Made Easy

We all need access to some public records sometimes. Even if it’s for work or just a paper of somekind you can easily search and find whatever you are looking for from the confort of your home. Public Records Database uses the most comprehensive database available to access local, county or state public record information […]

Student Suspended Over Suspected Use of PHP

Topeka, KS – High school sophomore Brett Tyson was suspended after teachers learned he may be using PHP. A teacher overheard him say that he was using PHP, and as part of our Zero-Tolerance policy against drug use, he was immediately suspended. No questions asked, said Principal Clyde Thurlow. We’re not quite sure what PHP […]

The Ultimate Gaming Table

This Gaming Table utilizes a sleek and comfortably placed multi-tiered design, to fit all of your gaming peripherals. Designed with the CH Products controllers in mind, the this beautifully crafted table with its black enameled finish offers three levels of tabletop real estate.? This versatile desk gives you enough room to house a complete CH […]