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I’ve heard that mIRC is closing

Different persons have told me that mIRC is closing. I remember the days when I also used mIRC. I was so addicted to it I’ve made my own script. I’ll put it up for download as soon as I find it on my cd’s. I’m to lazy to search now. Why are they closing it […]

New theme and scripts added to the site

Well … I’ve added a new theme to the site … it’s kinda a Steaua Bucuresti theme … with red and blue … and … lol … I’m not a fan of SteauaAnyway … hope you like it. Sava P.S.: Please vote and let me know what you think about the new theme 😀 – making money online

A new way to make money Online – mylot.comI just found out about this site – You get paid either in your Paypal account or your Ikobo account. !! I made $7.51 in just 4 days !! They pay you money for posting or sharing pics. It’s really nice.You can get paid in your […]

Good joke – Must be read

A woman has been married to her husband for ten years, and for all those ten years her husband insisted on making love in the dark. No matter how much she asked him, he would never turn the lights on. One night she grew tired of this and turned on the light while they were […]