Sava’s GuestBook v2.0

Sava's GuestBook v2.0Features:
New simple layout will easy on the eye colors

The entries submitted will stay pending untill the admin approves them.
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Pagination system
– the GuestBook will display the entries in pages so that your page will load faster and be smaller. You can edit the number of entries displayed per page in includes/db.php

Statistics : your guestbook will show:

– The number of approved entries
– The number of pending entries
– The number of males
– The number of females
– Guestbooks start date.

Administration panel:

– features an ajax feature – Edit In Place with jQuery.
– with it you can easily edit the entries without refreshing the page.
– to edit any field just click on the text.
– For example: if you want to edit the posters name just click on the name, make corrections and click on save.
– after you edited all the pending entries on the page just go to Approve all entries and modify "No" with "Yes". All the pending entries on the page will be approved.

As always you can preview or Download (31.20KB) ( 4213 downloads ) .

Hope you like it.

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