Perfect Man – Perfect Woman

A perfect man and a perfect woman met on a perfect day.

After some perfect dates they had a perfect wedding.

One night during Christmas they drove there perfect car on a dangerous road, but suddenly they saw a man on the side of the road, and because they are perfect they stopped for him and they discovered that that man is Santa, and he is carrying a bag of gifts.

Santa got in the car and they drove away.

After a couple of minutes there was an accident and 2 of them died. Only the woman survived…

Why did the woman survive, you ask?… because the perfect man and Santa does not exist.

If you are a woman: Stop reading here.

If you are a man: If the perfect man and Santa does not exist, that means that the woman was driving and that explains the accident.

If you are a woman and you kept reading: You just proved that women wont listen!

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